How To Be “Liked” By A Cat

how to be liked by a cat

Let’s face it: sometimes our adorable cats can be a source of deep frustration, even envy. We wonder, why, does our cat squirm in our arms after half a nanosecond and instead give our partner 10-minute-long pats in the apartment, with a loud purr? Why is a call from mom enough to get the cat’s attention, when we have to pray that he is interested in us? The answer is simple: they have been chosen. You will probably never take the place of a mother or a big brother in their heart, but you can make yourself love a little more. So here is how to be “chosen” by the cat.

The first thing to remember is that results certainly won’t come overnight. It takes consistency and patience. According to science, it may be easier for you if you are a woman (it seems that between a cat and a woman there is some deep-rooted relationship), but it doesn’t matter: these tips apply to everyone!

That said, the basic advice is definitely to maintain a moderate, calm, and quiet demeanor, as well as a low tone of voice, when approaching the cat. Squinting when approaching also helps calm him down.

It is understandable that the mere sight of so much feline makes you jump with your arms up to the sky with happiness, but that will not make you appreciate the cat. In his eyes, you will be nothing but loud beings with questionable intentions, and at this point, it won’t be surprising that he doesn’t want to be touched or even give a breath of warning. Breath, in this case, is a signal of restlessness, of fear: it means that the cat does not trust to let you approach, because you are not conveying peace and quiet.

Sometimes that may not be enough. And if this is happening, it’s probably because the cat is “sniffing” your feelings of nervousness or a bad mood.

Yes, the cat’s smell is also useful for this, facing those who deem it insensitive to feelings. A cat who is feeling nervous, in a bad mood, or with the desire to tear the world apart on you won’t be easily approached. And even then, if he is forced to make contact, he will either pull away or huff. On the other hand, however, if he perceives you to be dull and sad, he might come closer on his own, trying to cheer you up with funny attitudes, with an opening gesture towards you like a sniffle. or a brush or simply with its simple presence.

The last very important tip we would like to give you is to maintain a good relationship with the cat. Once you’ve achieved the pinnacle of his friendship, or at least his benevolence, that doesn’t mean you can become confused, greedy, and boisterous again. The cat will continue to appreciate calm and discretion in his voice and behavior, and the risk, by taking too many liberties, is to destroy the relationship built.


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