How to discourage your cat from climbing the Christmas tree? All you need is one thing you definitely have in your kitchen

How to discourage cat climbing Christmas tree

The owner of two adorable cats showed how she protected her pets’ Christmas tree. The woman was adamant that none of the cats climb the tree. A very simple solution to this problem has proven to be surprisingly effective. All you have to do is use something you probably already have at home.

She decorated the Christmas tree. His cat was immediately interested in it

Olivia has two cats. She knew that having a Christmas tree at home could be problematic. However, she didn’t expect one of her pets to be interested in Christmas decorating almost immediately. As soon as the woman left the decorated tree, the gray male immediately decided to check if she was fit to climb.

The concerned pet sitter stopped his game and then began to wonder what to do to discourage the cat from this type of activity. She didn’t expect that the solution, which would take her a few minutes to implement, would turn out to be a success.

Wrap it around the trunk of a Christmas tree and you will discourage your cat from climbing it

The owner of an unruly cat heard that cats hate walking on aluminum foil. They feel uncomfortable with both its structure and the sound it produces. Olivia decided to use this fact to her advantage. She wrapped the base of the tree in a silvery material and then let her pet do whatever it wanted. To his surprise, after a moment of reflection, the little cat decided that climbing a tree protected by aluminum foil made no sense. Since then, the playful dog has limited himself to biting balls from time to time. He chooses the cabinets and window sills as his vantage point, not the Christmas tree.

How to discourage cat climbing Christmas tree

Cats don’t get used to foil. It works for as long as it takes!

This isn’t the only way to discourage your cat from taking an interest in the Christmas tree. Homemade solutions with scents that cats honestly hate are also effective. However, they have an undeniable disadvantage: they must be used regularly, otherwise the smell will disappear after a few days and the cat risks playing the role of a little explorer again.

During this time, dogs do not get used to the idea of contact with aluminum foil. Even though they approach the Christmas tree every day, giving the impression that they are going to get there, when they remember that it is surrounded by materials that are unpleasant to them, they abandon the idea and search something else to do.

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