How To Make Your Dog Obey You?


If, in your opinion, you are doing everything right, and your dog still does not listen to the owner, then in this article we will figure out how to teach the dog to obey. It doesn’t matter whether your dog is small or big, it’s all about diligent and painstaking education and training.

When the question is acute about obedience, many owners for some reason think that it’s all about the dog and that the dog is bad, not the owner. But as practice shows, it’s all about the owner, not the dog. It is from how the owner approaches the issue of education and training that the dog will behave. After reading a couple of lines from the text, you cannot immediately go and teach the dog to obey. You need to work with the dog and only diligent exercises will help to educate it so that the dog obeys you and your family members.

What to do if the dog does not obey at home in the apartment or while walking on the street.

Dog Obey You

Raising a dog – is a factor in obedience and disobedience. Raising a dog is a long but effective process of establishing and developing the correct habits and obedience in a dog. The issue of upbringing needs to be paid attention from the earliest age of the puppy. Therefore, read the article: Raising A Puppy: Who Is The Boss?. Of course, some people face the problem when the question of education was missed at a puppy age and in an older age the dog begins to behave badly. In this case, we have also prepared a separate topic on how to raise a dog at home. Ideally, raising your pet is best done from an early age. In education, it is important to take into account the fact that your dog considers you a leader in his eyes, therefore reading the articles will give an idea of ​​the correct education.

Dog training – as a factor in the performance or non-performance of tasks in front of the dog. While parenting takes on discipline, training is responsible for executing commands. Education and training are always closely related to each other, since by working out the commands and conducting an educational course on the dog, you will achieve a guaranteed result. At the moment, this site has information on how to train a dog. With the help of this article, you will teach your dog commands many times faster.

There are also false opinions that if you give a dog for training to a specialist or buy an already trained dog to commands, then it will immediately follow all commands at home or while walking on the street. All this is explained by the fact that experts teach the dog mainly according to their needs and know how to do it. Therefore, if you have the time and opportunity to teach the dog commands on your own, actively and persistently do it. Another question, if you are unable to achieve results on your own, then you can contact a specialist who will tell you the correctness and sequence of actions.

Dog Obey You

There is also a catch that when the dog is trained on the site, everything seems to work out great. The dog both obeys and executes commands, and when you come home, the dog begins to do what he wants and does not obey. It’s all about the owner’s approach. Some owners treat their dogs too well and once again do not even want to pull the leash so as not to harm their pets, but by doing so, pampering them, sooner or later they face problems that will have to be solved by first reviewing their attitude towards the dog. …

Punishing the dog – wean the dog from bad habits. For every significant violation of the rules, the dog must be punished. And here is a very important question, which is specially referred to a separate topic: “how to properly punish a dog.” The point is that it is necessary to punish the dog, but it should be done only when the dog is really guilty and you caught it at the time of the violation itself.

Some owners make the mistake of punishing the dog after the very moment of the violation. For example, a dog chewed on toilet paper in the bathroom, after 2 hours you saw it and immediately try to punish her. In no case should this be done. The dog needs to be punished only in the process, when it would chew paper. The rule applies to a dog – not caught, not a thief.

The dog gnawed the paper and forgot about it for a long time, 2 hours pass and then, simply lying in his usual place, the owner comes up and punishes her. The dog has the wrong associations with punishment, it, in fact, does not understand why it is being punished at the moment when it just lies.

This is a common mistake of the owner, which leads to the wrong formation of thinking in the dog.

Owner’s mistakes during education and training. During the upbringing and training of a dog, it is impossible to avoid mistakes. To avoid common mistakes, read the article about master’s mistakes in parenting separately.

Solving problems as they come. The final stage of our dog education and training. The best option is when the dog’s problems are resolved when they are just starting to arise. For example, a dog suddenly jumped onto the bed, you immediately took it and took it to its place or gave the command “place”. How to train a dog to a place, read also separately on our resource.

If problems are not resolved on time, the dog gets used to it and does it on a daily basis. Then it is harder to wean her from something than to wean her straight away. There is a range of disobedience when the dog does not obey the owner, so there is also additional material on solving problems in the dog’s behavior.

Summing up, we can say that the issue of obedience must be approached in a comprehensive manner. Without action, you won’t get results from your dog. The dog will obey you when you approach this issue correctly, and most importantly, work diligently with the dog, and additional material will help you with this.

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