How To Train A Dog To Poop Outside?


We have prepared for you three steps to solve this problem, which must be repeated until the dog learns to go to the toilet on the outside. It will take endurance and patience, but the results will be worth it! )

Step # 1 – Catch Before Action

Ideally, this is of course to catch the dog before taking action. In most cases, you can easily see that she is about to urinate. Before choosing a place, the dog will circle around the place that it has chosen, sniff the ground and if it is a dog, it may even throw its leg. As soon as you see any of the signs, take the dog on a leash and take it outside or point to a home litter box.

When the dog is on the outside or in the litter box, it remains only to wait a maximum of a couple of minutes and then he will do what he was going to do earlier. As soon as the dog finishes writing, you need to praise it as emotionally as possible or give it a few pieces of something very tasty. This will let her know that this behavior made you very happy, and 3 pieces in turn will replace violent emotions. Dogs, like people, love to be praised, not scolded and remember joyful moments.

If you go out regularly and at the usual time in the morning and in the evening, and in the case of puppies even several times immediately after eating, then the desired result will not keep you waiting.

Step # 2 – Catch During Action

If you haven’t noticed the signs, the dog has already crouched down or raised its paw to urinate, then you can draw its attention with noise, for example, clap your hands or throw a sonorous object on the floor. Harsh and loud noises will cause the dog to pause and jump back. Then you will need to take the dog outside or transfer to the tray and as soon as the dog continues his actions – praise him in the process.

Even if you are upset and angry with the dog for shitting at home and you need to clean it up, do not give in to emotions and punish the dog. She will not understand what she did wrong and it will not be of any benefit. If you think that if you do not scold, then she will not understand anything and will not learn, then the only thing that the dog will remember from this experience is that you cannot write with you, but as soon as you turn away or leave, she will continue to do so. If the dog is praised every time for the right deed, then she will want to hear more approvals in her address and will understand where is the right place for this.

how to train a dog to poop outside

Step # 3 – Always Praise Your Dog For The Toilet In The Right Place

If you want to change your dog’s behavior, it is very important to always praise him for the correct behavior. We very often pay attention to bad behavior and do not celebrate the good, and this greatly confuses dogs who want to please the owner and expect approval from him. Every time you go out and reinforce the correct behavior with approval and maybe even a piece of some delicacy, it is certainly fixed in the brain of your four-legged friend. If you do this regularly and daily, then you should notice changes in behavior as soon as possible.

Odor removal

In theory, everything is simple, but implementation can sometimes be more difficult. Everything that has been written earlier seems to be a fairly simple and straightforward matter, in reality there is no doubt that a dog that continues to urinate at home will cause a lot of inconvenience and irritation.

The main thing to remember is that it is very important to completely get rid of the urine smell in the house. Remember that dogs have a much more sensitive sense of smell than humans, so if you don’t feel anything, it doesn’t mean that the dog doesn’t smell anything either. In fact, it is not customary for dogs to go to the toilet in their “den” (home), so they do not do it intentionally. But if there is a smell of urine in a certain place, then for them it is a sign that this place is just for this purpose.

With this in mind, let’s look at the dog’s actions from its point of view. Based on her olfactory senses, she smells the toilet in a “suitable place” and does not think at all that you will not like it. Therefore, do not be offended or angry with your dog, because she really does not understand what wrong she did.

So that the smell does not remain even after cleaning for a long time, you should pay attention to the components of the detergents that you use. Give preference to enzyme-based products over ammonia-based products. Enzyme-based products completely remove urine odor, while ammonia-based products cannot drown out the odor for a sensitive canine scent.

Plus, your carpet and floor deserve a deeper clean than just wiping the stain (a steam cleaner can help a lot in this situation). To thoroughly cleanse the house from the smell of urine, you will initially have to make a lot of efforts, but if everything is done correctly and the necessary cleaning agents are used, this will greatly help your dog to correct its behavior faster. If you have an ultraviolet lamp, it can be used to easily detect where there are still traces of urine and remove them in time.

What not to do

For best results, there are a few things you shouldn’t do, even if it’s considered correct and seems like a good idea to you. Many people believe that if a dog has done something, then it should definitely poke its nose into a puddle, thus explaining the reason for your dissatisfaction, but this has never been an effective method. And here is a list of reasons why it won’t help. The dog will not understand how she deserved it and what she did wrong, so this is a useless punishment. Worse, the dog may become afraid of you and learn to mark in hidden corners that you are not aware of or when you are not around.

Punishing a dog after it has made a puddle is largely a waste of time. Therefore, you just need to remove it and return to the main steps that were written earlier.

How to train your puppy to go to the toilet on the outside

People who want to make a four-legged friend at home should remember: in addition to a huge amount of tenderness and joy, a small puppy will bring with it to your world, also various responsibilities that will only increase over time. Sharing your life with your dog, regardless of its age or size, also means being able to compromise and always finding a balance between its needs and our desires.

Arranging the territory of your house or apartment in the best possible way and acquiring everything necessary for the baby to feel safe and comfortable is a good start, but this is not enough to provide him with the level of well-being that will be fundamental for his existence.

Although this may seem obvious, it must be emphasized that, especially in the first months of your “joint” life, it is mainly you who will have to adapt to the new conditions. Among the various responsibilities that the future owner will have to take on, taking care of the upbringing and socialization of the puppy is a priority. Teaching him to “do his own thing” on the outside is one of the first trials that the puppy and his owner will have to overcome together.

how to train a dog to poop outside

To do everything right, without resorting to the “wrong” techniques, let’s try to summarize some of the rules and actions that need to be followed so that the puppy can quickly learn to write and poop on the outside, and not in your home.

First of all, it would be correct to emphasize that complete control of the time and process of bowel movement (sphincter control), in a young dog, is completed at about the fifth or sixth month of life. Therefore, do not be upset and do not despair if at first you encounter small difficulties in teaching the child: the time of his resistance to the exit of feces and urine is directly proportional to his age. For example, a three-month-old puppy usually defecates at least six to eight times a day, so it will be necessary to take him outside every three to four hours.

Where to start to teach your dog how to pee and poop on the outside?

Learn to observe your pet and decipher the “signs” it sends you: spinning in place, sniffing the floor, barking or howling at the front door – these are all signals with which the dog tries to inform its owner about the need to go to the toilet outside.

Remember! The puppy feels the need to get rid of feces after:

  • sleep, even if not long;
  • outdoor games;
  • food intake;
  • drinking fluids.

Increase the number of outside visits and make them regular. Take your time, be patient and wait until the puppy defecates outside. As soon as “it” happens, take a moment and immediately reward it with loving praise, strokes and treats!

What to do when the puppy has written or pooped in the house?

In the event that the puppy has evacuated in the house, it is best to intervene by saying dryly and firmly “NO” or “DO NOT,” but only if he is caught in the act. Otherwise, it will be pointless to correct it. In fact, if too much time passes, the dog will not be able to associate your rebuke with his wrongdoing.

Well, then … wipe or clean the “soiled” surface, preferably so that the puppy does not see your efforts and immediately remove the feces, do not shout.

how to train a dog to poop outside

What not to do when the puppy is peeing or pooping in the house?

The biggest misconception in such cases, can be considered advice, “cover all the floors where the puppy lives, the famous disposable diapers.” You might be surprised, but it’s best not to!

Believe me, in order to accustom a dog to go to the toilet on a disposable diaper, you need to make a lot of effort: upon reaching adolescence, the dog in any case will have to wean from its use. Why waste so much time and money is useless? Better not to teach this at all.

In addition, when a dog gets used to going to the toilet on an absorbent mat, in most cases, it will mistake any soft surface for a toilet seat.

In no case, do not allow yourself, even in a fit of “passion”, to “poke” the puppy with its muzzle into a puddle of urine and in no case, do not use newspapers rolled up in a tube for execution.

Recognizing the fact that many dog ​​handlers still recommend this practice, know that these barbaric methods of punishment are not only not educational but also counterproductive. Not only that, in most cases, they are likely to cause behavioral problems that need to be corrected later and should not be underestimated.

Know, no matter how harsh the punishment, it will never help the dog understand where his mistake is. Thanks to this kind of “upbringing”, you can only get an insecure, frightened and confused dog.


The main keys to successfully stopping your dog from urinating in the house are to catch him before or during the action and take him outside or point out the right place several times a day until the right action is fixed in his behavior. Although this method will require a lot of patience and discipline both from you and from the dog, this method definitely works and does not destroy the psyche of the animal. The main thing is not to give up and believe in your dog – everything will work out, success!

If the dog is completely healthy based on the analyzes and you think that it does it not because it doesn’t know how, but for other reasons, then it is worth contacting a behavior specialist who will analyze what caused the problem and select the optimal plan to eliminate the problem.