Huge Dog Who Wasn’t Adopted Because Of His Size Finds A Family Who Loves Him Just The Way He Is

huge dog was not adopted size finds family loves

Basher worried for years that he would never find a family. The mastiff, who stands just over 6 feet tall and weighs 132 pounds, is full of love. But unfortunately, many people couldn’t see past his huge size and left him in the shelter.

When he was transferred to RSPCA Cornwall in 2021, rescuers had nothing but the best of intentions for this gentle giant, they hoped to find him a forever home.

It was clear to the staff at the shelter that Basher was no villain. In fact, it was a big teddy bear.

RSPCA Cornwall staff member Sammy Howard told The Dodo:

“Basher is so sweet and clumsy. People probably see it and think it’s big and scary, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.”

Huge dog finally finds a loving family

huge dog was not adopted size finds family loves

When he arrived, Basher thought he had found a family. Unfortunately, this first family sent him back to the shelter after only a few days. Despite this setback, the staff at the rescue center were undeterred.

huge dog was not adopted size finds family loves

They knew Basher would soon be adopted, so they made sure he was enjoying all his favorite activities in the meantime.

Samy remembers:

“Basher loved to take gentle walks down the road to visit the cows; we think he thought he was one of them. He was an expert on sleepiness and spent a lot of time in bed, sunbathing on a sunny day and sleeping. However, when he wasn’t sleeping he was very curious and peeked into his kennel to see what we were all up to.”

huge dog was not adopted size finds family loves

Sammy added:

“It’s always heartbreaking to see the number of animals waiting in shelters, but Basher was especially difficult because we all had such a strong bond with him and only wanted the best for him. However, over the months, we never gave up hope that there was someone out there for him.”

After being with the RSPCA for 448 days, Basher was finally adopted by a loving family who provided him with a forever home. Basher quickly adapted to his new home, where his family does everything possible to make him feel welcome and loved.

huge dog was not adopted size finds family loves

This gentle giant who spent the night awake, with the anguish of being too big and never finding a home, has finally found a forever family who loves him just as he is.

Images: Facebook / Rspca Cornwall Branch

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