Huge Newfoundland Kicked Out Of Puppy School For Sitting On Smaller Dogs

huge newfoundland kicked out school puppies

This huge Newfoundland named Franklyn, who stands six feet tall and weighs twenty pounds, can take up more space than most companion dogs, but you wouldn’t know it by the way he behaves. His owners often have to fight for their own space due to his relentless demands for cuddles and attention, to the point of getting him kicked out of puppy school when he decided to sit on some of the smaller puppies. !

Shauna Connors, Franklyn’s mother, had previously trained her pets to refrain from jumping on the couch. However, due to her large size, Franklyn has decided to do whatever she wants, regardless of her mother’s wishes!

In a video that is already going viral, Franklyn is seen climbing on top of her dad as he rests on the couch. The 47-year-old appears to express his discomfort as Franklyn’s massive paws land on his stomach. This is not a surprise: anyone in this situation would surely react in the same way!

Huge newfoundland kicked out of puppy school for sitting on smaller dogs

huge newfoundland kicked out school puppies

Shauna, from Nova Scotia, Canada, expressed concern that her sofa would not hold up when her large pup reaches full size and will likely weigh more next year.

The woman told Metro UK:

“He has no idea how big he is. He sees himself as a little companion dog. It’s hard to say no when he wants to snuggle. It’s hard to stop him because there’s room for let him get up there. I’m afraid my sofa will bend, because it’s very heavy.”

huge newfoundland kicked out school puppies

Shauna added:

“With the previous dogs, we never let them on the furniture, but he is very determined and stubborn, so he does what he wants. He was kicked out of the puppy class because he was bigger than the other dogs and sitting on them during playtime. He’s definitely clumsy.”

At over 180cm tall, Franklyn has earned a reputation for breaking glasses and pushing furniture in his search for treats or toys. Even at mealtimes, he can be found shaking the dining room table in search of amusement.

huge newfoundland kicked out school puppies

Shauna said:

“Sometimes he walks into the room and pushes things around like they’re nothing.”

Whenever there’s a piece of food or a toy hidden behind the couch, bed, or coffee table, it’s on it. Even when I take him for a walk around the neighborhood and other little dogs show up; Even though their size overwhelms them and makes them fly in fear, he still wants to play with them! It crushes any puppy that approaches it.

huge newfoundland kicked out school puppies

Shauna adds:

“Our reflexes have definitely improved over the past year to save as little as possible. Grabbing glasses and things like that.”

No matter the size, he is determined to recover any remains that may have escaped him. He tries to get his huge body under the table, shaking it with every move, leaving us all hanging on to our plates in case something falls.

huge newfoundland kicked out school puppies

Finally, Shauna said:

“When the kids come home, he runs up to them and sometimes knocks them down. He prefers to lie on the floor, but if someone is on a sofa and wants to snuggle up, they snuggle up and you have nothing to say.”

The family wanted a Newfoundland because they thought his size would accommodate their tall size: all members are between 5’7″ and 6’2″. Shauna says the breed embodies a delicious blend of strength and gentleness, which we totally agree with!

Images: Instagram / franklynthenewf

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