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They saw a huge pit bull tied to a bench. Even though he was scared, they had to help him

The dog spotted by passers-by was in danger. An abandoned animal was tied to a park bench. Without food or water, he had no chance of surviving. Because of its reputation as a dangerous breed, everyone avoided it.

Public opinion is not favorable to this breed

Pitbulls are famous for their unfavorable reputation. They are considered a dangerous breed and their possession is prohibited in several countries. They were created by man to engage in dog fighting. Thus, they have developed character traits considered aggressive.

Pitbulls have innate tenacity, a tendency to fight with other dogs and are very resistant to pain. A well-behaved dog of this breed is an intelligent, funny, sensitive and affectionate animal. He loves long walks and is completely devoted to his owner. However, this is a demanding dog and as you can see, not everyone can handle this breed well. Pitbulls are often abandoned as soon as there is a problem with their behavior. This dog was even less lucky, because in addition to being abandoned by his master, he was condemned to certain death by being tied to a wooden bench.

People were afraid of him. Rescuers saved him

The dangerous dog was noticed by good people who, fearing this breed, called the appropriate services for help. The rescuers from the Aston Human Society did not hesitate for a single moment to come to the animal’s aid. At first glance, it was obvious that the dog needed urgent medical intervention. Despite the pain, the animal let itself be touched without problem and responded to the first caresses by wagging its tail.

“He suffered from skin and eye infections and desperately needed medicated baths, eye drops and ointments,” foundation employees wrote.

huge pit bull tied to a bench
@15/10 Foundation

The foundation employees thought they had found a good dog, but it was only after the first few moments in the facility that they discovered what a wonderful dog they had found.

The dog was grateful to his rescuers. The truth about him turned out to be completely different

The dog bravely endured all the baths and tests. It turned out that the pit bull, perceived by others as dangerous, is actually a funny dog. The foundation’s favorite, weighing 53 kg, is unaware of his weight and tenderly attacks his rescuers. This amount of love could have suffocated them slightly.

huge pit bull tied to a bench
@15/10 Foundation

Thanks to the story they told on social media, the pit bull quickly found a temporary home where he showed his true colors. It turned out that his destiny was to become a couch potato.

huge pit bull tied to a bench
@15/10 Foundation

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