They Rescue A 9-Year-Old Cat And He Thanks Them Every Day With Sincere Hugs

Huggs Rescue Cat Thanks Every Day Hugs

Abandoned animals have a much higher chance of being rescued when they are babies, since they awaken a tenderness that adult animals cannot awaken in people. However, most of those rescued, regardless of their age, are very fearful, as they will trust humans again after all the damage they may have once caused them. It is very difficult. That is the reason why we can understand that rescued animals do not know how to deliver affection.

But that is not what happened to this cat who came to a shelter in Maryland called “Chesapeake Cats and Dogs.” It was evident that he had not had a good life and for that very reason they had to quickly find a family that would love him and could cover all his needs. The problem is that most people are not interested in caring for old, raised animals.

Huggs Rescue Cat Thanks Every Day Hugs

Huggs was in very poor health in a shelter, but a couple decided to give him a second chance and he has not stopped receiving much love.

Dan and his wife Hannah live in North Carolina and decided to adopt a 9-year-old kitten. The beautiful feline clung to one of his parents with his two legs, he did not want to let him go. From that moment his past was no longer interested, he would be surrounded by a lot of love for the rest of his life.

The married couple was contacted by a volunteer from Chesapeake Cats and Dogs, a Maryland animal rescue center, about the situation of the kitten who was called Huggs, who was very shy and in very poor health, but the couple decided to give it a try.

Dan said to Love Meow:

I took the afternoon off from work and drove an hour to look for him. Obviously, they had neglected it. He let out a meow that sounded like ‘no’ when they put him in the jack charger for him to take home.

Huggs Rescue Cat Thanks Every Day Hugs

In order to calm him down, Dan spoke to him throughout the journey to his new home.

I told him I was going to improve everything and clean it …

Huggs Rescue Cat Thanks Every Day Hugs

Huggs’ new parents converted his guest bedroom into the kitty’s suite, groomed him, gave him lots of love, and after giving him pain-relieving medication, the feline began to purr.

Dan said:

We spent as much time as possible brushing and stroking him for the first few hours. We calm him enough to get his fur soft.

Huggs Rescue Cat Thanks Every Day Hugs

On the other hand, his state of health gradually improved.

Dan said:

He had a complete tooth extraction shortly after we got it, and he has been doing very well ever since. He has some chronic problems, but he plays with the other cats, eats well and is generally happy.

Huggs Rescue Cat Thanks Every Day Hugs

This is Huggs doing what he does best:

Huggs loves to receive affection and always demands attention from his parents, who bought a baby carrier so they can keep him close to them at all times.

Huggs Rescue Cat Thanks Every Day Hugs

Dan said:

When I come home from work at night, he literally walks up to my door and turns my head, asking me to carry him. Then I walk around the house with him purring like crazy and rubbing against my chin. He also sleeps in bed with us, and wakes us up purring in our ears.

Huggs Rescue Cat Thanks Every Day Hugs

Huggs went from being a sick and shy kitten to being a strong and very happy cat.

Dan added:

His scabs and flea signs are gone; he gets along well with the other cats and his health is good and stable.

Images: Dan

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