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Hungarian Puli | Information & Dog Breed Facts

Hungarian Puli
Hungarian Puli

The Hungarian puli, commonly known as puli, is a dog easy to recognize for its exclusive fur : long loops that can reach the ground.

Hungarian Puli
Hungarian Puli

These dogs can be black, rusty black, white or several shades of apricot and gray. Under the fur, this breed is robust and muscular.

Adult males measure between 40 and 44 cm and weigh between 13 and 15 kg and females measure between 37 and 41 cm and weigh between 10 and 13 kg.


The Magyars, one of the many Hun nomadic tribes who emigrated to Eastern Europe, brought the Puli to their country in the ninth century. They used this dog for sheep and protect livestock.

Over the years, this dog has been bred for its ability to work and has spread rapidly to other countries.

At present, the Hungarian Puli has adapted to life in the city and at work and in the countryside.


Active and lively, the Hungarian Puli tends to create a privileged link with a family member. Although it is friendly, it will announce the arrival of visitors and shows them a certain reserve.

This breed can be stubborn, but it learns quickly during training. It is a dog known to be a great exterminator of vermin by nature.

Hungarian Puli
Hungarian Puli

Health of the Hungarian Puli

Hungarian Puli is a relatively healthy and resistant breed. However, like many other breeds, this dog can suffer from hereditary eye disorders and hip dysplasia (a condition that can cause mobility problems).

Therefore, an examination of the hip and eyes is important before devoting the dog to reproduction.


Energetic by nature, the Hungarian Puli needs a reasonable amount of exercise (at least an hour per day for an adult dog, preferably more) and it will be even happier if its owner gives it more time to run and to play.

Hungarian Puli
Hungarian Puli


Your dog’s diet should contain the proper proportion of all major nutrient groups, including a continuous supply of fresh water.

It is recommended to feed your Hungarian Puli dog twice a day following the recommendations of its specific diet.

Grooming Hungarian Puli

Its characteristic fur does not develop completely before the age of three, but the young dog’s hair requires more attention.

You can cut its hair if you prefer to have a dog without dreadlocks, although this is not accepted in show dogs.

The Hungarian Puli does not change hair, even if you have to remove dirt and small objects that can get stuck in it.

This breed can only be bathed in summer, as it can take days to dry completely.

Hungarian Puli
Hungarian Puli

Hungarian Puli Dog Breed Highlights

Positive points

  • Hungarian Puli is a loyal, affectionate and trustworthy pet.
  • It thrives in being in a family environment.
  • It is a very intelligent dog and in good hands, easy to train.
  • Hungarian Puli is a breed of healthy dogs.
  • This dog is usually very good around children.
  • The Hungarian Puli has a low-shed coat.
  • It is very adaptable being just as happy in an apartment as in a house.
  • The Hungarian Puli is a good watchdog.

Negative points

  • This dog hates being alone and suffers from separation anxiety.
  • The Hungarian Puli needs a lot of daily exercises and mental stimulation to prevent boredom.
  • It can be distant and aggressive towards strangers if it is not socialized at a very young age.
  • This breed has a strong sense of prey.
  • The Hungarian Puli is not the best choice for new owners.
  • This dog breed can be aggressive towards other dogs.
  • It can be stubborn.
  • It can develop a condition known as “shaggy dog syndrome”.

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