Husband Goes To The Groomer And Comes Home With The Wrong Dog

husband goes to groomer returns home wrong dog

Rudy had to complete a fairly simple task after leaving his beloved dog at the beauty salon, however, even with something that could be very simple, the man managed to miss the mark.

When Rudy’s wife, Coco, asked him to pick up their adorable little dog named BooBear from the groomer where he left him hours ago, Rudy returned home, but this time with the wrong dog.

When Rudy returned home with the dog in his arms, CoCo immediately noticed something strange about him.

Husband goes to the groomer and comes back with the wrong dog

Husband groomer comes home with the wrong dog

BooBear’s haircut seemed to have transformed his physical appearance a bit, he looked like a completely different dog. But everything had a very clear reason actually for the wife not recognizing her dog, apparently dad brought the wrong dog home.

Husband comes home with the wrong dog

It turns out that when Rudy came to the groomer for his dog, he said he was there for CoCo, which means he was going there on behalf of his wife. But at the time there was some confusion, and instead of being given BooBear, the man was given another white dog named CoCo.

Somehow Rudy didn’t notice the mix-up with his dog, leaving his wife and dog completely confused. Realizing the mistake, Rudy immediately returned to the salon and BooBear quickly returned to his family.

little white puppy

But BooBear and CoCo looked a bit alike, so it’s hard to blame Rudy for the misunderstanding. His wife certainly appreciated the whole situation and is sure that after this scare her husband will never forget his dog’s head again.

Images: Facebook / CoCo Salazar

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