Husky abandoned in shelter due to “strange” appearance


Here is Jubilee, a big-hearted husky dog ​​whose sweet face is as adorable as her spirit, unfortunately, not everyone who knew her has seen things that way.

About two years ago, Jubilee was handed over to Husky House, a New Jersey-based animal shelter dedicated to helping puppies like her.

She was taken there by her former owner, a dog breeder, who told the shelter that she could not sell it because it had a “strange appearance”.

Of course, Jubilee’s new friends did not agree.

“We think it’s an absolutely beautiful dog!” A spokesperson for Husky House.

Yet, in part due to her unique appearance, Jubilee has struggled to find adopters who love her for what she is.

Having faced such deep rejection in the past, Jubilee tends to be a little cautious of strangers who too may find her “strange” simply because of her appearance.

On January 14, Husky House posted a statute on Facebook looking for a family for Jubilee, and this time something different happened. Instead of making fun of her, people started falling in love. Since then, her story has spread everywhere.

“We are overwhelmed by the responses, love and support shown in your messages,” said Husky House. “We are very happy to see that everyone feels that it is as special as we have always known!”

“Thank you to everyone who shared the story of Jubilee,” says another facebook status. “She found her home forever with previous adopters of Husky House and joins her new fur brothers and sisters in a wonderful new life!”

There was a large team of supporters behind Jubilee before its adoption.

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