Husky Chooses His Own Kitten At The Shelter To Take Home


Raven and Woodhouse are inseparable. And what makes her story so special is that Raven chose Woodhouse in a shelter.

The story of a dog who adopted a cat at an animal shelter went viral after this adorable friendship was spread by their owner since he created an Instagram account for them.

Dogs are the friendliest animals in the world, because on more than one occasion they have proven that they are not only the best friend of man, but of all animals that exist, because they have made some of the least expected friendships in the realm of nature.

From time to time, we discover examples of beautiful friendships between Cats and dogs, which, although very different in many ways, did not prevent them from becoming inseparable friends.

Raven and Woodhouse Husky Chooses Kitten

As in the case of a dog and a cat who became great friends after the owner of the dog decided that the dog in question had adopted a cat in an animal shelter for his business.

Inseparable, this is how they describe the relationship of Raven and Woodhouse, a dog and a cat with a unique story that made them viral because it was the dog Raven who adopted Woodhouse as a friend in an animal shelter.

The duo’s owner Christina told Instagram that she took Raven to an animal shelter in Lubbock, Texas, USA, to help her choose a cat for her home.

Raven and Woodhouse Husky Chooses Kitten

After four kittens from the shelter were introduced to Raven, the dog was told to choose the one she wanted to bring home for companionship.

Raven and Woodhouse Husky Chooses Kitten

Christina reported:

“The four kittens they had at the animal shelter were introduced to Raven. After much deliberation, the dog, a husky, chose the Woodhouse cat, who was about eight weeks old.”

“She and Woodhouse were immediately taken away because the other kittens were scared or were not interested or even wanted to be kissed, so it was easy to choose,” she said.

Since then, the couple have spent most of their days huddled together on the couch and on the patio playing.

Christina said:

“I always wanted a dog and a cat to grow together. It was one of the goals of my life, and now I’m more than happy.”

Photos: Instagram

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