A Dramatic Husky Gets Angry When Things Don’t Go His Way

husky has serious tantrum problem

This charming, fluffy Siberian Husky dog ​​has a serious anger problem. The 2-year-old dog named Jackson doesn’t like being alone, and he’ll make it clear to his adoptive parents every chance he gets.

Jackson lives with his family in California and he often throws huge tantrums when his family leaves him home alone or even when things don’t go his way.

Although Jackson considers his temper tantrums his best tactic to get whatever he wants, the truth is that his parents are having a lot of fun watching their dramatic dog act out his scenes.

A dramatic husky has a serious anger problem

Husky has tantrum problem

Scott, Jackson’s adoptive father, recalls that when his father retired and moved out of town, he brought the friendly husky along to keep him company. Sadly, the man passed away and at that time Jackson moved in with his current family.

The couple have never had a dog with so much personality, but they say having Jackson in their lives has been amazing.

Dog looks at the food

Jackson enjoys spending time with his family, but is often very sensitive, and if something happens that he doesn’t like, he will immediately go to the couch, disapprovingly ignoring his parents.

dog on the couch

Some time ago his family left the house for a few hours, when he returned the melodramatic dog was waiting for them annoyed and did not hesitate to show them how much he felt.

During this tantrum, his family can be heard apologizing to his furry lover, to which Jackson responds by burying his face in the middle of the couch cushions as he continues to complain.

Thanks to all these comical scenes of his daily life, Jackson has become a star on social networks, and many people enjoy seeing the hilarious tantrums with which he usually surprises his adoptive parents.

dog with tantrum problem

The truth is that Jackson has a unique personality and each of his dramatic scenes seems to outshine the last, which luckily his family knows how to appreciate, they know their boy is special and they love him just the way he is.

They recently lost Jackson’s older sister, a miniature pinscher who had been Jackson’s mother’s dog for 16 years. She was Jackson’s best friend and the couple see how much she misses her as they shared everything together.

If you want to know a bit more about Jackson’s adventures, you can visit his Instagram page.

Images: Instagram / huskyjacksonfamily

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