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Husky Puppies: Basic Care, Feeding, Education

The adorable appearance of the husky puppies does not leave anyone indifferent, especially if a piercing blue gaze is attached to a cute face and thick paws.

And although not all Siberian Husky puppies are blue-eyed, it is this quality that attracts the most attention to them.

The external attractiveness of the husky puppies, which are similar to the Alaskan Kle-kai, played a cruel joke with many representatives of this breed.

Casual people who do not know the features of this breed acquire a fluffy wolf cub, raising him as an ordinary decorative dog, and are quickly disappointed.

The Husky is a truly working dog that needs daily jogging and exercise, freedom-loving and mischievous, with great potential and indomitable energy. Dogs of this breed are not suitable for couch potatoes and the elderly, for workaholics and children. But if the potential owner is ready for difficulties, for work and loves sports, then the husky will become an ideal companion for ten or more years.

Husky puppies puppy
Husky puppy

Choosing a husky puppy

People who first decide to purchase a husky puppy are usually guided by the following selection criteria:

Color and eye color; Baby’s sex; The fatness of the animal.

All these criteria are only partially correct, since the color of the baby is unstable and will change in a couple of years, fatness means only that the pet has excellent appetite, and the behavior patterns of bitches and males may not differ much.

Bitches, often more mischievous and cunning than males, are also prone to escaping and like to dig undermines.

Males can be docile and gentle, adore children.

As with the purchase of a St. Bernard puppy, buyers prefer to purchase grown-up husky puppies.

This is justified in the event that a show pet is bought, since the older the baby, the more clearly all the advantages and disadvantages of the exterior are visible, besides, education in a flock of littermates helps to better adapt in any conditions.

Buying a month-old puppy leads to more affection for the owner and family members.

Choosing a husky puppy should be based on what the dog is intended for.

Husky puppies puppy
Husky puppies

Are there any plans to represent him at exhibitions, whether he will participate in breeding or sports?

Or maybe he will be just a pet accompanying the owner on hikes.

Prospective puppies for exhibitions can be recommended by a breeder who wants wonderful inclinations not to disappear just like that.

Experienced husky owners, when purchasing an animal, make sure that the baby meets the standard and has the makings of a working dog.

A 2-month-old husky should have:

  • Smooth teeth and scissor bite;
  • Thick ears pointing up;
  • Tail hanging down and not rising above the back line;
  • Strong backbone;
  • Lively temperament, curiosity and energy;
  • Any color, difference of eyes, brown or blue eyes of various shades.

Choosing a husky puppy from a large kennel with excellent recommendations and results of exhibitions and competitions is preferable to buying from an amateur breeder.

This is due to the fact that the owner of the kennel is working to improve the breed, carefully selecting pairs, and an amateur can mate a dog with any purebred male.

Husky puppies puppy
Husky puppy

Husky puppy first days at home

Raising and caring for husky puppies can be carried out by all family members, but the person who spends the most time with the pet will have the greatest authority.

Joint walks, classes and trips to exhibitions help to strengthen affection, the dog begins to feel the owner’s mood, to understand it without words.

From the first days, the baby should have his own place to sleep, a cage for isolating the pet during the absence and two bowls.

Most often, the sleeping mat is placed in a cage, making a kind of cozy house, toys are also placed there.

The door in the cage is left open when there is someone at home so that the baby can move freely.

If the puppy is left alone, the cage is closed. You can also build a pet booth.

Husky puppy puppies
Husky puppy

Advice! It is desirable that in the first month in the new house, the husky puppy is left alone as rarely as possible. It was at this time that the foundations of neatness were laid, establishing contact with the owner.

Husky puppies are very active, but the little puppy sleeps a lot, and after each awakening he must be picked up and taken out into the street so that he recovers.

In order for the baby to quickly develop the skill of asking to go outside, they take him out as often as possible: after eating, resting, playing.

You should immediately prohibit the pet that will be inappropriate in the behavior of an adult dog.

You can’t climb on upholstered furniture, jump on the owner, beg at the table.

A cute puppy who is so funny playing pranks quickly turns into a large ill-bred dog, annoying and disturbing everyone.

Husky puppies puppy
Husky puppy

Feeding the husky puppies

The husky’s overwhelming energy needs constant replenishment.

Purchased food should be high-calorie and easy to digest, husky puppies up to four months old are fed at least three times a day, from six months you can switch to two meals a day.

If natural food is supposed to be fed, then the diet should include:

  • Raw beef (or lamb) – 40%;
  • Boiled offal – 10%;
  • Rice, oatmeal in broth or water – 20%;
  • Dairy products – 20%;
  • Boiled carrots or cabbage – 10%.

From four months old, husky puppies, like Staffordshire puppies, should receive vitamin complexes that strengthen bones and joints: “Puppy”, “Brevers”.

Ready-made food for husky nutrition contains all the necessary substances and vitamins that a baby should receive.

Convenience, ease of feeding and a balanced diet make the process of raising a pet much easier.

Husky puppy puppies
Husky puppies

When feeding with dry food, it is not recommended to give natural food, except for fermented milk products and vegetables.

Natural yogurt is useful for husky puppies of any age, which is easy to prepare by fermenting milk with the addition of fermented baked milk or a few spoons of bioyogurt.

For puppies with digestive tract problems, you can prepare yogurt from the Narine starter culture, which is bought in pharmacies.

Bones are allowed to be given only up to four to five months, until the teeth change, and best of all large, beef.

For a puppy, this is more of a toy than a treat, so the bone can be boiled so that there is no smell.

Important! After changing teeth, it is impossible to gnaw bones of a husky puppy, as this quickly grinds off teeth, and sharp pieces can injure the stomach.

Husky puppies puppy
Husky puppies


For the first time, two-month-old puppies are vaccinated against common diseases with complex vaccinations only after deworming.

Ten days before vaccination, the puppy is given a remedy for worms, then with an interval of three weeks, vaccinated.

The quarantine ends two weeks after the second vaccination, and only then can you start walking with your pet.

Some veterinarians recommend another vaccination for up to a year, after the change of teeth.

This disease is fatal without treatment, and often the animal dies in a matter of days.

Withers, tick collars and sprays can be combined for the best protection.

Husky puppies puppy
Husky puppies

Education and training

The owner of a husky puppy should know that this breed is very fond of freedom, huskies often run away, so the command “Come to me!” should be fundamental from the early days.

The puppy is summoned to him periodically in various conditions: at home, on a walk, during classes, and is always treated to a treat.

The puppy should readily run to the call even while playing with other animals – this is an important element of training.

Fastening a puppy on a harness makes it easier to control it, so the call can be practiced while walking around the city.

It is desirable that the husky be calm about any irritants: city noise, cars, other animals, people – by changing the walking routes, the owner quickly socializes the baby.

Classes on the training ground should be attended immediately after the end of quarantine, especially for show puppies.

Circling, teaching to stand quietly in an exhibition stand is easier to work out from an early age.

If the husky puppy / puppies live in the house, constantly communicates with the owner and family members, walks on a leash for at least two hours a day, then a clever, understanding dog quickly grows out of an unintelligent puppy.

The more time a Husky puppy spends as it grows up, the higher its intelligence.

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