Husky Finds A Box Full of Kittens and Becomes Their New Mother


A 3-year-old husky is hailed as a heroine for rescuing seven new-born kittens, which were left in a box.

Dogs are known for being loyal, faithful, brave, compassionate, and incredibly helpful, traits that a service dog named Banner shows off every day. Banner is a three-year-old Siberian husky who has become a hero dog, thanks to a heroic action she carried out to rescue several new-born kittens.

This service dog has been living with its owner, Whitney Braley, since she was a puppy and was trained to help her with her disability.

Banner is trained to alert other people when its owner suffers from an anxiety attack or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and can even bring her medications.

Whitney said to Bored Panda:

“She alerts about PTSD episodes, anxiety attacks, migraines, impulse extraction, medication recovery, interruption of self-harm and some more.”

Banner can be said to save her mom’s life every day, but she also loves helping those in need. Aside from these abilities, Banner has a special one that consists in rescuing the needy animals and taking care of them until they are safe.

Whitney is also an animal lover, so they make the perfect match and whenever possible they can make rescues on their own.

Whitney said:

“We rescue a lot, and she is always attached to kittens. Two years ago, I had my first bottle-fed kitten that was found in a ditch, and Banner raised her. That particular cat still lives with us, but over the years she has raised at least ten different litters of kittens. This is the first time she has encountered something like this.”

While in the woods, Banner came across something heartbreaking, a sealed cardboard box, containing 7 new-born kittens inside. The little ones were only a day old; they did not move or meow, it seemed that they were slowly dying of cold, fortunately Banner appeared.

The dog immediately alerted Whitney and led her to where the box was, after opening it, took out the kittens and took them home. According to Whitney, this act must have been carried out by a person who did not have the capacity to carry the load of that litter and decided to abandon them.

banner husky rescues newborn kittens
Photo | Caters News

Whitney told Metro:

“Someone must have put them in a cardboard box, closed the lid, and left them there to die. They probably thought that no one would discover them. I don’t even know how Banner found them. The kittens were freezing and did not meow or anything. It sickens me that anyone can do that to these innocent little animals. He is so cruel and ruthless.”

Since the kittens were rescued, Banner has not strayed from their side and has decided to adopt them as if they were her own babies.

She is a very motherly and loving dog, while they are in her care, she will see to it that her family of kittens is in perfect condition. The little ones will be cared for at Whitney’s house, but later she will be in charge of finding a loving home for each one.

Whitney said:

“I’ll find the kittens appropriate homes, that will love them forever. Our local shelter usually sacrifices in three days, so it’s best if I take care of them myself. That’s why I always end up babysitting. I don’t want them to die.”

This husky will be a heroine forever, as these kittens would probably not be alive if it were not for her abilities.

banner husky rescues newborn kittens
Photo | Caters News

Whitney said:

“I am so happy that now, because of Banner, these kittens can live their lives with loving families. That gladdens my heart.”

A story of an incredible rescue and full of motherly love, which will be admired forever.