A husky stuck in a storm drain is spectacularly rescued and reunited with his family!

husky stuck storm drain

“Sebastian,” a curious husky from Kentucky, got stuck in a storm drain. However, thanks to the efforts of many people, he was safely rescued and had a happy ending.

On Sunday, Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control said that morning it “received several distress calls regarding a husky stuck in a sewer.” The establishment shared a video showing several team members stepping in to get the dog out.

In the video, we see two women with a dog, only part of its head protruding from a storm drain.

One of the women struggles to calm the frightened dog, lying on the ground, while her film colleague looks for a way to get the husky out. You both need to be patient, hold out your hands so the dog can smell them and gain his trust, and speak to him in a soft, childlike voice.

“It’s okay baby, it’s okay,” I continued to say in a friendly voice, trying to calm the dog down.

husky stuck storm drain
Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control

The organization that rescued the husky, who was ultimately rescued safely, later shared additional photos. It was a photo of the owner kneeling with this husky. “Sébastien and his father are reunited!”

Police aren’t sure how Sebastian got stuck in the thin entrance to the sewers, but they believe he was likely chasing an animal smaller than the creature before becoming trapped. Still, everyone was happy that Sebastian wasn’t seriously injured.

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