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The Ibizan Hound is a medium sized dog, tall, with short or hard hair and erect ears. It is available in white, brown or plain “lion”, or in any combination of them.

Ibizan Hound
Ibizan Hound

An adult Ibizan Hound can reach approximately 56 – 74 cm in height and weighs 19 – 25 kg.

The Ibizan Hound is a dog from the Balearic Islands, in particular from the island of Ibiza, in Spain. In the past, these dogs were used to hunt rabbits and other prey, so their natural hunting instinct remains. His independent and active character makes this dog very curious and needs a large dose of physical and mental activity on a daily basis to become a healthy and happy dog.

Origin of the Ibizan Hound

This breed is a real living vestige of history. The roots of the Ibizan Hound go back beyond the year 4000 BC. They are especially linked to the time of the great pharaohs, because they are represented in many friezes, being the best-known symbol of Anubis. In fact, the breed has hardly changed in thousands of years. The Phoenician merchants took the Ibizan Hound from Ibiza to the Balearic Islands and, at present, it can still be found working in Spain and its islands.

Anyway, the Ibizan Hound is a dog very appreciated in Spain for its qualities of hunter, but little known outside its country of origin.

Ibizan Hound
Ibizan Hound

Personality and Character of the Ibizan Hound

It is a very affectionate and sensitive breed. Extremely loyal, it generally has an affinity for children and is an excellent pet in the right home. However, this is not a dog breed for the shy: they can be very barking and need companionship, it is not a breed that can be left alone for several hours.

The Ibizan Hound is very independent, curious, dynamic and energetic, capable of encouraging any lazy person. His hunting instinct is very strong and becomes evident at an early age, but he is still a dog who enjoys family life alongside his active human family.

Socialization is very important in this breed, because the Ibizan Hound tends to be wary of strangers and to quarrel with dogs of the same sex. But well socialized, it can be great family dogs, but you should always be careful if you have other small pets, because the strong hunting instincts of these dogs can lead them to attack small animals.

Health of the Ibizan Hound

The Ibizan Hound is a robust breed, with few known health problems. Some neurological conditions have been reported, but do not appear to be common.

The breed does not have any particular health problems, but there can sometimes be cases of unilateral or bilateral deafness. Some puppies at birth are deaf and blind because their auditory and visual channels are closed and generally open between 12 and 16 days of life. But even so, in the case of some newborns, there is a group of nerve cells that detect sounds that deteriorate until the puppy turns around 6 weeks and is not reversible.

This is why it is advisable to go to a good veterinarian at the time when we detect any abnormality in the dog and make sure to strictly follow its vaccination schedule to prevent and control other possible diseases.

Ibizan Hound
Ibizan Hound


The Ibizan Hound is a high energy dog, which needs at least 2 hours of vigorous exercise each day to be a truly happy and well-balanced dog. It is not suitable for city life, but is an ideal choice for people who live in the countryside and who know the breed or this type of high energy dogs.

A shorter walk in the morning would be nice, but a longer and more interesting one in the afternoon. These dogs also like being able to walk around in a back yard as often as possible so they can really let off steam. However, the fence must be extremely secure to keep one of these beautiful dogs, because if they find a weakness in the fence, they will soon escape and be in trouble of all kinds.

That said, Ibizan Hound puppies should not exercise too much, as their joints and bones continue to grow and excessive pressure on them could cause some problems later in their lives. They should not be allowed to jump or jump furniture, or go up and down stairs, as this puts too much pressure on their joints and growing limbs.

Ibizan Hound
Ibizan Hound

Grooming of Ibizan Hound

The Ibizan Hound dog is easy to clean, both in the variety of short and hard hairs. A weekly brushing is sufficient for both coatings.

This breed of dog tolerates warm to temperate climates, provided that the dog has a good refuge. Anyway, it is better that the Ibizan Hound lives inside the house and not in an outside cabin. Due to its low amount of adipose tissue, it does not tolerate cold well.

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