Impatient Dog Gets Mad At Her New Automatic Feeder

impatient dog mad new automatic feeder

This charming and lovable impatient dog gets mad at her new automatic feeder for not giving her the treats she wants.

Until recently, the only thing standing between this adorable dog named Olive and an extra treat was her adoptive mother, Hailey Hart. Nothing to worry about this cunning girl who apparently had the habit of getting by at the slightest opportunity.

But, now for Olive, there’s a new home food control that’s pretty strict. And although this dog is very used to always getting everything he wants and he has his tricks to achieve it, this time it will not be so easy.

Hailey recently decided to buy an automatic dog feeder. This device is designed to dispense food at scheduled times and apparently did not go down well with Olive.

An impatient dog gets angry with her new diet

impatient dog

Of course, the impatient dog was not happy at all to learn that a robot was now the one who decided on the snacks she had long enjoyed.

@olive.and.hailey She thinks it’s a fancy puzzle toy.. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #OliveLouise #dogoargentino #dogtok #OlivetheDogo #dogoftikok ♬ original sound – Hailey Hart

Now, with the arrival of the new feeder, they were definitely out of place, and of course their impatience expressed itself in the form of a rather adorable little tantrum that was recorded by their mother.

Impatient dog gets angry with her new feeder

Granted, in time Olive will understand that following a regular and consistent diet can’t be a bad thing, and she’ll always have her treats, but now won’t be when she feels like it. Of course, that doesn’t mean Olive should totally love the idea.

You can follow the antics of the adorable Olive on TikTok.

Images: Instagram / heylee_marie_

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