Tragically Misunderstood: 8 Important Facts About Bull Terriers

Important Facts About Bull Terriers

Every owner of a bull terrier knows that it is simply impossible not to like to communicate with a cheerful, affectionate dog with a pronounced personality. And the rest of the world… can only be enlightened.

1. They were made to fight

Bull Terriers were indeed bred as fighting dogs and are a cross between bulldogs and terriers – so breeders hoped to combine the strength and grip of the former with the agility and endurance of the latter. However, dog fighting began to be banned in Europe in the 19th century, and since then in the Old World these dogs were no longer used for fighting, but turned into companions and hunters of small rodents.

2. The first “mass” bull terriers were white

The very first variant of the breed that became very popular among breeders was bred using the white terrier, the Dalmatian dog and, probably, the border collie. The new version of the breed received a more pronounced appearance and, most importantly, became a classic white color. Later, the breed was “mixed” with the less “noble” ones and developing in parallel, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and other colors also became acceptable.

Important Facts About Bull Terriers

3. They have some of the most distinctive canine “faces”

Even people who are completely ignorant of dog breeds, most likely, will not confuse a bull terrier with a representative of another breed – once they see this elongated muzzle and triangular eyes at least once. By the way, no other purebred dog has eyes with such a cut.

4. Many Bull Terriers suffer from OCPD

Bull Terriers and German Shepherds are the two breeds most affected by OCD. A striking symptom in dogs is the constant “running” for their own tail, even in adulthood. Other symptoms are chasing one’s own shadow and constantly changing pace of walking and running. If you are concerned that your dog has OCPD, exercise and walk him more often – keeping your dog occupied will help reduce the frequency of symptoms.

5. They are the clowns of the canine world

Bull Terriers are known for their very friendly, happy and “laughable” temperament, as much as dogs can. This makes them ideal for active families – these dogs love to play and get into different stories.

Important Facts About Bull Terriers

6. Many Bull Terriers have hearing problems

Many members of the breed suffer from complete deafness or deafness in one ear. In others, the hearing is simply reduced, so that they can barely hear the owner. Experts say deafness can be removed from the breed, if desired, but the vast majority of dog owners keep them even after realizing their pet has hearing problems and often doesn’t limit their desire to play. have offspring.

7. Bull Terriers were regularly used in advertising

At the end of the 20th century, bull terriers, especially in the USA, regularly became mascots and appeared in advertisements for various brands. Remember our word – fashion for them in this sense will return.

8. You can also get a small bull terrier

Technically, the Miniature Bull Terrier is a completely different breed, but in general it looks like “regular” Bull Terriers, only smaller. A Bull Terrier Miniature rarely grows more than 40 centimeters in length, while bull terriers can easily jump above the 60 cm mark. A huge advantage of the breed is that its representatives are hypoallergenic, so if someone in the family is allergic to dogs, but to get a dog I always want, you can try to look in the direction of a Bull Terrier Miniature (the breed is called exactly like that).


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