In Italy, a special leave to take care of your sick pet


An Italian woman managed to take her two days off to care for her sick dog.

woman Italy special leave care sick dog Anna
Sick dog

Anna works at the library of the University of Sapienza, in Rome, and had a problem with her dog. Apparently, the animal had a health problem and had to be operated on. This woman’s problem was not only that. It also appears that the Italian penal code envisages the abandonment of animals and also allows them to suffer an offense.

Given the situation, the Italian woman tried to request a leave from work, but was not accepted at the start, so she asked for the help of a pet sitter. As they informed him, the problem with her pet being serious, she had sufficient reasons to obtain a work permit.

The woman did not give up, and tried again. This time, it based its claim on previous Supreme Court rulings which provided for penalties of up to one year in prison and fines of up to 10,000 euros for abandonment and ill-treatment of animals.

woman Italy special leave care sick dog Anna
Photo: European Pressphoto Agency

For this reason, she was granted permission to take two days off work and take care of her dog.

A judge accepted the woman’s case that the university should attribute the absence to “serious personal or family reasons”

Now, those in the same situation can cite this important precedent.