Despite the war, an initiative to feed stray cats in Aleppo, Syria


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In some parts of Aleppo, in Syria, people started to see small canals attached to trees, containing food and water. These pipes dedicated to stray cats in the streets of the city, were installed by the “Rifk” initiative, which aims to help street animals.

rifk war initiative stray cats Aleppo

At first, some people were surprised by the existence of these pipes, which they thought were intended for drainage of water. So, the young people later decorated them with drawings showing food for cats.

rifk war initiative stray cats Aleppo

Rifk’s initiative, which began to spread in the streets of the city, provoked many reactions. Most of them were negative at first. Some people said that homeless people should be the first to be helped, especially because the city was at war.

Other people liked the initiative, considering it as “a milestone and beautiful and it will be widespread because it is based on the welfare of animals, and in a simple and easy way that everyone can contribute”.

rifk war initiative stray cats Aleppo

Rifk Initiative leader Diala Ghsheem told Al-Khobar television channel, “The Rifk Initiative’s work is about caring for the animals, and the pipeline project was born out of the need to help street cats with a civilized and harmless way for anyone “.

She explained that: “the pipe installation process started with every volonteer, where each one installed the food supply and water pipes in his neighborhood, and we are looking to expand the number of pipes in the rest of neighborhoods “.

“The response was good from people who even sought to take part in the installation of new pipes.

rifk war initiative stray cats Aleppo

“The Rifk initiative is an animal initiative, and part of the work of volunteers and relief workers in Aleppo, humanity is indivisible, there are hundreds of rescue teams for human beings, there must be initiatives for the welfare of animals. “

rifk war initiative stray cats Aleppo

Regarding the difficulties encountered in the work of the initiative, Ghsheem stressed that: “there are no serious difficulties that we face, and the state of acceptance of people facilitates our work. “

The Rifk initiative started in Aleppo, about a year ago, through young volunteers and veterinarians, who do their work for free. The group is currently seeking an official license, to start working as an association.

rifk war initiative stray cats Aleppo

The initiative not only worked, but also received pets requiring treatment or surgery. The initiative, according to its leader, saved many puppies found in deserted areas after their birth, not to mention the outpatient operations of cats in the streets.

The ‘association’ welcomes families who wish to adopt rescued domestic animals and seeks to increase the number of volunteers, by inviting those interested in helping animals to join them.

rifk war initiative stray cats Aleppo

The Rifk initiative on Facebook

It should be noted that the project of this food nd water pipes is currently being deployed in the districts of the province, Sulaymaniyah, Khalidiya, Furqan, Alshahbam and new Aleppo, with installation works in other districts, thanks to the efforts of the initiative and its volunteers.