Injured Cat Nursed Wounds And Fur After Receiving Love From New Family: ‘He’s already another one’

injured cat nursed wounds and fur after receiving love

There are many pets in the world who live happily in a sweet home with a family that adores them every day, but at the same time, countless animals are abandoned on the streets and elsewhere.

In addition to struggling with hunger, thirst, cold and lack of affection, they are also exposed to other types of dangers that cause them enormous damage.

Luckily, there is never a shortage of kind-hearted people who offer them help whenever they can, and even better if they take them to a home so that they receive love and care forever.

Injured cat nursed wounds and fur after receiving love

injured cat nursed wounds and fur after receiving love

This is the case of a cat that was found in the city of Zaragoza in Spain, where it lived under cars and was in very delicate health.

injured cat nursed wounds and fur after receiving love

TikTok user “ppaulaibarz” is the one who discovered it with his family. As seen in a video, the poor cat took refuge as best he could as his fur looked damaged, his body was very thin and his eyes reflected sadness, so they didn’t did not hesitate to catch him to help him, even if it took them several days.

As soon as he was ready, they took the cat to a vet and thanks to him they saw that he had three pellets inside his body. Obviously, he was in more pain than expected, so he decided to adopt him.

injured cat nursed wounds and fur after receiving love

And as expected, the cat didn’t trust his new family enough and hid under the furniture because he was scared, but little by little he got used to the affection and stopped loving it. TO DO.

While the pellets were still inside her body on the recommendation of the doctor, as the woman said on TikTok. “The vet told us that luckily they weren’t affecting any organs or anything important and that they shouldn’t be removed, lived with them,” he explained. And he had to be right, since he looked better each time.

It only took 3 weeks after her rescue for the big change to be noticed. The cat was no longer skinny, dirty, or scared, but chubby, fluffy, and confident enough to lie on the couch like the rest of the cats!

“It’s already another one,” said its owner, saying they named it Perdigón and expressing how much they love it.

Check out his story below:

@ppaulaibarz La mejor decisión🥹 PERDIGÓN #rescue #cat #rescateanimal #animalrescue #catrescue #glowup #love #catsoftiktok ♬ Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Slowed Down Version) – Paloma Faith

For the owner and her family, adopting Perdigón was “The best decision”, as she wrote in the post. A gesture that has also made the happiness of users of the social network, who love to see the new adventures of the cat.

Images: Tiktok / @ppaulaibarz

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