Wounded K9 Officer Receives Hero’s Salute As He Leaves Hospital

injured k9 officer receives hero salute

This brave K9 officer receives a hero’s salute accompanied by a street of honor upon his release from the hospital.

Arlo is a charming K9 officer belonging to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office in Washington, USA who started his police career in 2019. He is a great officer and protector of the community.

In early January of this year, Arlo was injured in the middle of an altercation with an armed suspect. The K9 officer had been shot twice but fortunately survived the dramatic incident.

Arlo was quickly transferred to a clinic where he underwent surgery and is recovering from it.

A k9 officer receives the hero salute as he leaves the hospital

beautiful police dog

Due to the difficult event and in order that he could continue to recover as best he could from his injuries, Arlo received a well-deserved retirement.

His colleagues from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office decided to pay their respects to his partner and waited for him outside the clinic, where they formed a street of honor for the great hero. The honors kept coming on the way home where a big welcome party awaited him.

injured k9 officer

According to The Dodo, Arlo is still in his recovery process, but now he leads a much calmer life with his family, and although he is no longer in the police force, his high value and commitment to the community does not. will never be forgotten.

Wounded K9 Officer

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit wrote on their Facebook account:

“K9 Arlo continues to get better every day. He is resting at home and getting lots of attention from Agent Turpin and his family. We appreciate all the support it has been overwhelming and he is receiving thousands of gifts from people […] Our community is amazing. Thank you.”

Images: Facebook / Thurston County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit

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