Interesting Facts About Corgi Cardigan And Pembroke


Sheepdog in miniature, mischievous fox, little Welsh shepherd, royal favorites … The famous Welsh Corgi have dozens of affectionate nicknames and millions of admirers around the world. To join them, it is enough just once to look into the eyes of the radiant charm on four paws that do not know rest. We invite you to get to know these amazing dogs right now. Here are some intersting facts about the Corgi dogs.

Facts Corgi Cardigan Pembroke

Best Friends of the Celts, or Gift from the Elves

A lot of interesting facts about the Welsh Corgi are associated with their origin. According to one version, the history of the corgi begins in the X century, in the ancestral lands of the ancient Celts – in Wales. They were originally used as wild game hunters. Over time, the dogs had to master a peaceful specialization and take up herding. Today corgi have become home decorative pets. And yet on some farms in Wales they are still used as shepherds. Nimble dogs with a general character easily manage a whole flock of sheep, skillfully driving it to the right place.

And here is another legend about the origin of the corgi. For those who believe in miracles. According to legend, the land of Wales was once inhabited by the real elves. They traveled around their endless possessions on magical creatures that looked like dwarf horses. These were the corgi – pretty dogs with sly fox faces in short woolen pants. One day, the Wood Elf Queen saw poor peasants working day and night to feed their children. She decided to give them her own sled dogs as au pair. Isn’t that why “corgi” in translation from Old Welsh means “dwarf dog” or “gnome dog”?

Facts Corgi Cardigan Pembroke

Two of a Kind

For a long time to this day, it has been customary to divide the corgi breed into cardigans and pembrokes. So they were named after the neighboring counties of Wales, separated by a chain of hills. Farmers on both sides assure that the formation of the breeds proceeded independently of each other. The main difference is that Pembrokes are smaller than cardigans. Their paws are more flattened: the two front toes are longer than the outer ones. Their tasks in the shepherd’s service also differed. Pembrokes skillfully maneuvered in the midst of the herd, guiding and pacifying him. Cardigans played the role of strict guards, delivering sheep to the fair.

Hopelessly in love with corgi, it is worth learning a thing or two about these dogs before adopting them.

Police talent

Today corgi successfully try themselves in the role of law enforcement officers.

Under high patronage

The main breeder of the corgi on the planet was and remains Her Majesty Elizabeth II. The very first corgi, a dog named Duke, appeared in the royal family in 1933. Eleven years later, then 18-year-old Elizabeth received a fateful gift from her father George IV – a corgi puppy, whom she named Susan. This dog marked the beginning of a new branch of the royal dynasty. Over the years, more than 30 corgi dogs lived at the court – all of them are the offspring of Susan. By the way, the Queen Mother not only takes care of her pets, but also patronizes Pembrokes around the world.

There are some more interesting facts about the queen’s corgi. Upon learning that one of the lackeys was pouring whiskey and gin into the dogs’ drink for fun, Elizabeth II dismissed the would-be joker at the same moment. On Christmas Eve, Her Majesty personally hangs holiday socks with pet souvenirs over the fireplace. Sometimes the Queen Mother is not at all able to part with her beloved corgi. Therefore, he takes dogs with him to official international receptions. By the way, monarch’s love has already been immortalized in bronze. In the New Zealand town of Christchurch, you can see a life-size sculpture of three corgi: two dogs are in a hurry on business, and the third is busy with ice cream.

Facts Corgi Cardigan Pembroke

Happiness is a yard long

Once upon a time, the British called Welsh Corgi shepherd dogs a yard long. Previously, this traditional measure of length was changed every time after the coronation of another monarch. It was equal to the distance from the tip of his nose to the thumb of his outstretched hand. Someone noticed that this distance coincides with the length of the corgi’s body. In the future, the size of the yard was fixed and it began to be equal to 91.4 cm.We must say, most representatives of the corgi do not reach this mark of only a few centimeters, while the height of the dog at the withers does not exceed 30 cm by standards.However, such peculiar proportions are the main highlight of the corgi , but not a flaw.

Corgi Cardigan Pembroke

The intellectual abilities of the corgi are legendary.

Beauty beyond standards

Among the corgi, there are unusual representatives – the so-called fluffy. They are distinguished by excessively long hair and lack of undercoat. This is considered a serious deviation from the current standards and does not allow the owners of lush hair to participate in competitions or exhibitions. But this does not affect the good-natured character and playfulness. Owners of unusual corgi are sure that the increased fluffiness multiplies their charm a hundredfold. However, it should be borne in mind that such wool gets wet even from a light rain, and after bathing it dries much longer.

You can endlessly talk about the Welsh Corgi. Although it is impossible to describe the emotions from live communication with these emitters of fluids of happiness in any words. Yes, and there is no chance to get bored next to such charismatic dogs. They, like no one else, know how to delight, surprise, amuse and inspire every time, like the first time.


Saddened by the death of her two corgis from cancer, Elizabeth II figured out how to strengthen the breed’s healthy genes in the future. To do this, she crossed one of the Pembrokes with a Pipkin dachshund belonging to her younger sister Margaret. So, a new breed appeared in the world – Dorgi. And even though not a single dog-breeding federation in the world has recognized her, the queen will not be overjoyed at her two unique favorites – Candy and Vulcan.