Is your cat running away from home? She showed a trick that every cat lover would like to know. People cry laughing

Is your cat running away from home
Tiktok / jessrape

No amount of force can keep a cat in one place when it comes to hunting or exploring the outside world. Depriving a pet of stimulating stimuli can lead to boredom, frustration, depression and other behavioral problems, but that doesn’t mean the cat has to spend its entire life within four walls. A certain Tiktoker came up with an idea to prevent cats from escaping while still allowing the cat to be active outside the house. All it took was a “cube of shame”.

Keeping an eye on a pet is sometimes quite a challenge. How to stop your cat from escaping the house?

When we walk the local streets, we notice announcements about missing dogs or cats at almost every step. Some cats feel a strong need to explore. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of inattention for them to slip between our legs and take off for a longer escapade around the neighborhood. Other times, cats take pity on us and look longingly at the view out the window. Anyone who has ever dealt with a purring friend probably knows full well that the ability to maintain composure in the face of the pleading expression on a cat’s face is a true art. So how can you keep your pet happy while ensuring their safety?

Faced with the situation described above, some owners decide to devote more time to their pets, enriching their daily activities with stimulating forms of play, creating a cat terrace or fencing the balcony, but there also those who choose shortcuts. There is no shortage of cat owners who agree to let their cats out of the house, thus minimizing any argument against such an attitude.

Unfortunately, an animal running alone may not be as bored as it would be within four walls, but at the same time, it does not always find its way home. There are many cases of so-called cats going missing outside, not to mention the risk of poisoning, dog bites and other injuries, and in the worst case, even death. However, there is a safe alternative to unsupervised walks.

The cat constantly runs away from the house. She showed how she walked him in the garden

Should you give in to an animal that asks you to leave the house? Yes, but on one condition: if we can control the patient while walking. A harness and leash are invaluable for “walking” your cat, even if a TikToker has developed a new method.

A girl named Jessica admitted that her family cat had a habit of sneaking outside for some fresh air when everyone in the house was too busy with their own things. The cat may look cute, but it may show its claws.

All attempts to keep the animal at home resulted in minor or major injuries to the girl’s parents. Recently, the cat became furious and bit its owner with such force that the joint of one of its fingers was damaged. The woman was forced to take antibiotics. When Jessica learned of the unfortunate accident, she presented the family with a way to control the unruly kitten.

The mesh ankle with zippers turned out to be a salvation. After entering the cube, the cat can walk freely on the grass, and family members don’t have to worry that it will disappear like Houdini.

@jessrape last 2 times he bit my moms finger so hard she had to go to the emergency room bc of joint damage and also ended up needing antibiotics #feralcat ♬ I love robbery and fraud – Surrreal

Supervision passed. “Cube of Shame”

The reaction to the video of the fleeing cat quickly received over 12.5 million views, and most of the comments below the video were humorous:

  • Do you have an indoor or outdoor cat?
  • Balloon boy;
  • Free him! He is innocent!

Criticism was also leveled at the film’s author. Jessica admitted that some Internet users accused her of animal abuse. The truth is, however, that the cat gets used to what we teach it. As long as the animal has the opportunity to meet the needs of the species and the owner considers the health and safety of all members of the household a priority, a little form of creativity will certainly not harm it.



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