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It is difficult to recognize its type from behind. Dog or cat? The answer is surprising

This animal has become famous on the Internet. From the back it looks a bit like a cat, from the front it looks more like a dog. Man’s Four-Legged Friend is an inscrutable crossword game. It’s as mysterious as its origins.

Mythical animals have appeared in stories for a long time

Legends about strange animals have been passed down since ancient times. There is no doubt that most of them are the fruit of the overflowing imagination of their authors. However, one cannot ignore the fact that there is some truth in every legend, and that is most likely the case here.

A Vietnamese man came home with a creature that looked like a mix of the two most familiar pets. This half-dog, half-cat was bought from a market in a mountain province and even its owner has no idea what this creature is.

The appearance of the animal is surprising. Hybrids really exist?

When you look at it from behind, it looks like a cute chubby kitten is sitting in front of you. Fluffy fur and a typical tail make it clear that it must be a domestic cat. But when your four-legged friend turns around, it looks more like you have a dog in front of you. With cute little paws and a big black nose.

@nguyen_van_dui Chuyện nhân gian vui buồn đều có Sớm ở tối về là lẽ thường thôi… Cám ơn Dúi vì đã đến #nguyenvandui #vantun #langdui #idolgioitre ♬ Windy Hill – 羽肿

According to the owner, Mr. Hai Anh, this amazing animal is a mix of a corgi and a native Hmong dog. But the guard doesn’t seem very sure of his theory either. Those who have seen the creature believe it could be a hybrid of a corgi and a British shorthair cat. When related species combine, so-called hybrids are created, which resemble fairy tale characters created by artists. However, these animals really exist. Some were created in the wild, others were bred in captivity. However, they have one thing in common. They constantly shock everyone who sees them.

The animal has become an Internet star. He has many fans all over the world

A dog named Dui has many fans. The channel where animal videos are posted is followed by nearly 250,000 people. The charming creature even has its own animation.

Dui, whatever his origins, can be sure of one thing. He is a wonderful Asian star and no one can deny him the fact that he is a celebrity. And its owner believes that the creature brings him great happiness.

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