Cat Returned To Shelter For Being ‘Too Cuddly’ Finds A Family That Loves Him


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All Jacque wanted was a warm lap to sit on, but was rejected simply for being too affectionate.

Jacque was three years old when he was rejected and dropped off at the Michigan Cat Rescue Center. His previous owner no longer loved him because he was constantly seeking attention from her.

Jacque lap cat hugs finds home

“All he wanted was a lap to sit on. She didn’t want him to cuddle with her and she didn’t want him anymore, ”Michigan Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

After a year, he was rejected and abandoned. The red-haired kitten was confused by the sudden change, but as soon as it was snuggled into a warm lap, it started purring again.

Everyone at the center was determined to find her a home that would give her unconditional love.

Jacque lap cat hugs finds home

“He’s a great cat who needed the right home and a second chance,” Nancy from Michigan Cat Rescue told Love Meow.

They shared her story on her Facebook page, hoping to find her a perfect home. Soon, hundreds of adoption requests arrived. People were surprised how such a sweet cat was rejected.

“Sad that she lost her home, but glad to have the opportunity for a home that she will love forever,” Siobhan commented on the page.

“If he’s a lap cat, that’s what I’m looking for. I’ll request it, ”Abby added.

“Who doesn’t want a lap cat? It’s so pretty, ”Brandy asked in the post.

“A giant cat that wants to sit on your lap? Sounds like a dream come true, ”Cathy added in a comment.

Jacque lap cat hugs finds home

The post received more than 1,600 comments and 2,600 likes and +3k shares.

Liz came across Jacque’s story and knew immediately that she would be a wonderful addition to her family. A couple of weeks after submitting an application, she received the happiest news.

Jacque lap cat hugs finds home

She and her family came to the rescue to meet their sweet ginger kitten for the first time, and they were absolutely in love with him.

Jacque crawled straight onto her new owner’s lap and put her face in his arms. It was as if she knew they were there to take her home.

Jacque lap cat hugs finds home

“Jacque is loved, spoiled, and ultimately at home forever with Liz and family,” reported Michigan Cat Rescue.

“We are very happy for him.”

Jacque quickly settled into his new abode, made his way to a warm lap, and did what he loves most: having lots of hugs.

Jacque lap cat hugs finds home

“He is doing very well and we love him very much. She has a brother who is a little older and they have become good friends, ”Liz said.

“The grandchildren met him and my 3-year-old grandson sits, caresses him and hugs him. He calls him Joe. “