Jealous Cat Went To See His Owners’ Baby And Had To Vomit Afterwards: ‘It didn’t go as planned’

Jealous cat see owner baby vomit afterwards

Over the years, pets’ relationship with humans has evolved to a level where they come to see each other as life companions and best friends.

This can be seen on the street, in parks and especially on the internet, since many proudly show how they pamper their pets. It has even become normal to treat them like children and like one more member of the family.

Jealous cat vomits after meeting his little human sister

Jealous cat see owner baby vomit afterwards

In this way, many owners want their life partners to be present at all times, especially the important ones such as weddings, graduations, birthdays and even the birth of their children.

And no matter how loved and spoiled they are, we can’t always expect their best reactions. Such was the case with Fefe, a cat who surprised her owners Katie and Cayden Cazier when she met the baby of the family.

Jealous cat see owner baby vomit afterwards

As reported by Today, the Utah family had welcomed their daughter Maeve and they couldn’t wait for Fefe to meet her. So they took her to where the baby was sleeping so she could see her, but it didn’t go as planned.

The moment shared on his TikTok shows Fefe quietly sniffing out the creature, then walking away and dashing into another room.

Jealous cat see owner baby vomit afterwards

Katie and Cayden wondered what was wrong with her, so they followed her only to realize that she needed to do something urgently. “Are you kidding? He’s about to vomit,” the man said in the video. “Introducing our newborn baby to our cat didn’t go as planned,” he wrote in the post, and while it was a strange response, the owners assured it was in fact. a good cat.

“In the months leading up to the birth, Fefe was obsessed with all the baby stuff we brought home. We would find her jumping in the crib and cradle. good humor, so we were very excited about the introduction,” Cayden told Today. “We think she was jealous and had a stress reaction,” he added.

Watch the moment below:

@caydencazier Introducing our newborn to our cat didn’t go as planned 😂 #catandbaby #cat #catsoftiktok #cats #cattok #catlover #baby #babytiktok #babytok #baby ♬ original sound – Cayden Cazier

The video has amassed 23 million views on TikTok, so it also got a lot of comments from users who took it humorously. “The cat probably smelled a full diaper”, “The cat: that’s what I think of your baby”, “At least he had the decency to go to another room so as not to see”, “I think with that he told them everything” and “Too honest I would say hahaha,” some said in the post.

The good thing is that the owners told US media that Fefe had improved her relationship with Maeve and they were living in perfect harmony.

Images: TikTik / @caydencazier

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