Joselito, The Abused Chihuahua Who Had The Happiest 7 Months Of His Life

Joselito chihuahua dog animal abuse

Joselito suffered from trachea, pancreatitis, heart murmur and kidney problems, due to the abuse he suffered for 12 years.

Joselito was a Chihuahua. He suffered abuse for 12 years. When he was rescued, pancreatitis, heart murmur, kidney and trachea problems were detected. He knew happiness the last seven months of his life.

Despite the mistreatment, Joselito defended his home in Tampico, Madero. He was loyal, he resisted when the Kokoroñi animal shelter came to his rescue. And although he paradoxically died on the day of the dog, he had the happiest 7 months of his life.

It was the rescuers who told the story of Joselito, through social networks.

Joselito chihuahua dog animal abuse

“He was a being of light, hope and a lot of love, because despite his sad life, he gave himself a second chance to feel loved and protected. An exceptional canine,” they say.

And it is that the chihuahua lived 12 years in “hell”. The blows of life took their toll on him, a violence that manifested in multiple ailments that prevented him from having a normal life.

Joselito chihuahua dog animal abuse

“We didn’t know his name or his life story, but what we did know was that he was an old dog who had heart damage,” they told the Bunko portal.

Rescuers believe Joselito was beaten every time they fed him because the pup was frightened at mealtimes, which is why he was on the verge of malnutrition.

Joselito chihuahua dog animal abuse

In addition, his back was damaged and he could not lie down. However, with medication, attention and emotional support from rescuers, Joselito began to improve immediately and within a short time he was able to sit up and lie down.

After a few weeks, the Chihuahua was out of diapers and started eating normally. He was already playing fearless, the animal shelter said.

“It was an angel of light, a life expectancy that gave us an unforgettable lesson: don’t give up even if everything goes wrong, there is always a second chance to be happy,” Edith wrote on Facebook.

Joselito chihuahua dog animal abuse

Joselito was rescued in January 2021 and went to heaven on July 21 due to trachea issues. However, thanks to the love of the rescuers, he lived the happiest 7 months of his life: “There is always a hope to be happy and he did not waste it, he forgave and continued to to be worthy of an exemplary canine”, the rescuers posted on the networks as a farewell.

Images : Facebook / loskokoronis


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