The journalist went to the shelter. It only took a split second for his world to turn upside down

journalist went shelter world upside down

Miguel A. Rodríguez is a journalist who, two years after visiting an abandoned animal shelter, made a moving confession. Since then, nothing in his life has been the same. There is no doubt that thanks to the adoption of his four-legged companion, he has become a different person.

Many animal lovers find it difficult to accept the fate of abandoned and suffering creatures who have often experienced a real nightmare in their lives. Sometimes past experiences influence their behavior, even if they are adopted into a loving home. However, their gratitude and the bond formed with the caregiver are among the most beautiful feelings a person can feel.

He wasn’t sure if he should adopt a dog from a shelter

Miguel A. Rodríguez shared a moving story on his Twitter account that began two years earlier, with a visit to a local shelter for stray animals. There, he met a dog who immediately made contact with him. Although he was enchanted by the animal, he wasn’t sure he could handle the responsibilities of caring for a living being. Will he be able to create the conditions conducive to this?

The man was aware that adopting a dog was no joke. The animal has gone through difficult experiences and, what is often associated with this, in certain situations the demons of the past have returned.

When you take an animal under your roof, you must take into account that you are taking responsibility for a living being who has its own feelings. Some time passed before he decided that he was definitely ready for a new pet and that it would come home with him. Finally, after completing all the formalities, his family officially grew.

After two years, Miguel revealed his secret

Since Miguel adopted a dog from a shelter, his life has undergone many changes, which he has spoken about on his Twitter profile. As he admitted, the dog became a full member of the family. The journalist is also convinced that thanks to this he has become a better person.

Two years after the adoption, he also decided to share on his social networks a secret that no one knew yet. In the entryway, he made no secret of the fact that he had doubts about his ability to raise the animal after the ordeal, but it didn’t take long for the tail-wagging creature to dispel them. for real.

– Now, when I’m not at home, I cover him with my favorite blanket, which I don’t share with anyone, Miguel confessed.

It soon turned out that he wasn’t the only one who had done this to his pet. Under the entry showing a dog wrapped in the blanket of its beloved master, many Internet users began to add photos of their pets with whom they use the same tactic.

– Until they appear in your life, you do not know the unconditional love they give you – says one of the network users.

– Even if he doesn’t give it to her, she does it herself as soon as I leave – adds another, attaching a photo as proof.

– My cat and my blanket, which I don’t lend to anyone – boasts another caregiver, this time purring.

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