9 Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy At Home

Keep Your Dog Busy At Home

Bored dogs always create trouble. We are their main source of entertainment, so if you don’t give your pets something, they will start looking for ideas on their own – and then we will get gnawed shoes or torn curtains.

By playing with your animal several times a day, you can reduce the likelihood of it developing destructive habits such as excessive barking or chewing.

Here is a list of 9 ways to keep your dog indoors.

1. Playing with thimbles

Playing with thimbles is a simple solution to entice your dog. To play this game with your pet, you will need 3 cups and one treat that you will hide under these cups. Show the treat first, and then how you hide it under the cups. Then you mix the cups and encourage your pet to “find pleasure.” Playing thimbles gives your pet a lot of mental stimulation and helps him work on his problem-solving skills.

Even cats are very good at this game.

2. Playing with a tug

Tug-of-war is one of the best ways to engage in meaningful play with our dogs. This is a great way to mentally and physically engage your pet. And since it doesn’t require a lot of space, you can play indoors.

And contrary to what some people say, playing with a tug won’t make your dog aggressive, and letting him win won’t make him dominant. Allowing your pet to win just makes the game more fun for him, and that victory will encourage your four-legged friend to play more. Dogs that play tug with their owners have proven to be more obedient.

A tug is a great way to also educate your pet by following the basic rules of the game, for example, “the game stops if the dog’s teeth touch my hand.”

3. Teach your dog to help with work

Dogs love to have a job, even if it’s something as simple as bringing your slippers. You can make them feel even more useful by teaching your pets the names of some of the items you would love to get with them.

If you want to impress all your friends, teach your pet to bring you something from the fridge. To teach your dog how to open the refrigerator, wrap a towel around the handle so it can easily open the door.

4. Get the dog to get food

We give our pets a comfortable life – they get a warm bed, great attention and food for free. But our dogs were born to work alongside us, many of them overlooking some mentally stimulating activities.

One of the easiest ways to challenge their minds is to make them work for food. You can get your dog to do some tricks before he gets his lunch, or you can feed your pet with a food distribution toy.

5. Teach your dog to “look for” his toys

Once your dog knows the names of some of his toys, teach them a go-find game. Offer your pet toys in a pile or in a container and tell him to “find” his beloved. As your pet gets better at this game, you can make it more challenging by increasing the number of toys he needs to sift.

This game will give your dog a great mental workout.

6. Work with the dog in training with the clicker

If you don’t have a clicker, you can purchase one on our website. When you train your dog, every second counts; It is so easy to miss the opportunity to interact with our four-legged fosterlings the moment they do the behavior you desire. When you use the clicker, you can mark the exact moment when your dog made the right choice or executed the right command.

7. Play hide and seek with the dog

Hide and seek is one of the favorite games of Laika dogs, but other breeds may also like this fun. If your pet does not have a separate rest room, you can ask someone for help to distract your dog when you go to hide.

8. Game for the whole family

This game is good to play with a partner or in a large company. Each of you will sit or stand in one side of the room with a toy or treats. Take turns calling the dog and rewarding it when it comes. Make sure your pet receives a lot of positive reinforcement every time he obeys. This is a simple and fun way to reinforce an animal’s submission.

9. Use stuffed Kong to keep your dog busy for a long time

Kong is the favorite toy for a bored dog. If you want to keep your pet busy for a while, try stuffing Kong. You can freeze some peanut butter or broth inside, or just put some treats in there and give to your pet.

Using stuffed kong is a great way to keep your dog busy while you’re at work or doing something. Put your stuffed Kong in the freezer overnight and give it to your pet in the morning when you leave. Frozen Kong will prolong the pleasure 30 minutes longer for most dogs, and if you fill it to the top, much longer.


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