A Kind Woman Saves A Husky Forced To Breed And Changes Her Life

kind woman saves husky forced to breed

Maya is a Husky dog who for many years knew only terror and fear, lived the worst side of humanity, until 5 years ago she was forced to breed on a farm for pets in Goiânia, Brazil. Because of this, Maya was already paraplegic as a result of the horrific treatment and conditions she was found in.

Her health issues were already somewhat irreversible and to this puppy mill she was already useless, so they planned to put her down. But Silvia Rayssa intervened in time and managed to save Maya, giving her a second chance at a happy life to heal not only her body, but also the wounds in the helpless dog’s soul.

Silvia told Bored Panda:

“August 28, 2016 is a date I will never forget. When you think you’ve seen it all in this life, I realize you’ve never seen enough. We arrived and she was dying, totally hurt. She drank her own urine and ate her own feces, a scene that broke my heart.”

A kind woman saves a husky forced to breed

kind woman saves husky forced to breed

For Silvia, saving and caring for Maya was the best thing that could have happened to them both, she considers that the dog appeared in her life just when they needed saving the most.

kind woman saves husky forced to breed

The woman says:

“I didn’t live, I just existed. I still vividly remember the day my heart cried out for a ‘big special animal’. What I felt in my soul after that, I will not find never words to describe it.”

kind woman saves husky forced to breed

During the first 48 hours after her rescue, Maya was very weak and her state of health was really critical, but she had a strong desire to live in her eyes, Silvia did not leave her for a moment.

Silvia added:

“Maya was a little nervous at first, but who could blame her? He had never known the love of a family, never known a caress. For 5 years of his life, he only knew a cold, dark cage. She only knew the worst side of being human.”

kind woman saves husky forced to breed

After overcoming the first obstacle to her health, Maya began a long treatment, they made multiple trips to veterinary clinics, and unfortunately the damage to her body was already irreversible and she would not walk again. Now he also had to begin the process of restoring his sanity.

kind woman saves husky forced to breed

For her adoptive mother, it was very painful to know that she had become paraplegic because of all the suffering she had endured, and she was determined to change all that past for a future filled with love and wonderful moments. for Maya.

kind woman saves husky forced to breed

Maya began her recovery and one of her new challenges was quickly being able to adapt to her wheelchair. From the moment she learned to use it, she was free to go where she wanted, and now she enjoys walking and running like any dog.

kind woman saves husky forced to breed

Maya’s mother says:

“Maya was in continuous treatment for about a year and a half. And she always got stronger every day! And he learned to come out of the nightmare he lived in the past. To learn that their future would be written together! “

kind woman saves husky forced to breed

It’s been a few years now and her incredible desire to live and finally be able to experience the goodness of people and life has led Maya to where she is now.

Silvia assures:

“People say I saved Maya, but I always say, ‘no, she saved me. Maya changed my life and the lives of many people with the story of self-improvement, of compassion and love that we still experience today. There are no wounds that love cannot heal!”

kind woman saves husky forced to breed

You can learn a little more about Maya’s new life with her mother and her wonderful adventures by visiting her Instagram account.

Images: Instagram / maya_especial

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