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He kissed the dachshund, then the dog froze. After a while, his reaction left netizens speechless.

A dachshund owner decided to take part in the popular challenge of kissing the dog and recording the dog’s reaction to the affectionate gesture. The behavior of the dachshund, who willingly took part in the action, made Internet users emotional. At first, the dog’s expression caused fear, anxiety and even terror in many people. Later, even more things happened.

He took up the challenge: “Kiss the dog”. The recording is a success!

Internet users regularly take on various challenges involving animals. Some of them become so popular that thousands of people around the world join in to record funny videos. This was the case for the “Kiss the dog” challenge. The game consisted of kissing the animal on the face and recording its reaction to this affectionate gesture. The owner of a charming little dachshund dog joins her.

The dog’s behavior moments after being kissed by its owner shocked Internet users. The expression on the dog’s face was very eloquent and has been interpreted in several ways. However, everyone who watched the recording to the end was convinced that it was worth seeing the last scene of the dachshund show.

kissed dachshund dog froze

The dachshund looked like he wasn’t happy with the kiss

For a few moments after receiving the kiss, the dog seemed to be thinking seriously about what to do in this situation. Meanwhile, his guardian awaited his decision with a straight face. Some Internet users thought the dachshund was going to attack the man. This breed has a lot of character and can show off its horns. Add to that the fact that some dogs hate having their faces touched, which is completely understandable.

kissed dachshund dog froze

Did the unlimited trust the dachshund owner placed in his pet turn out to be a mistake?

The dog showed what he thought about the man’s behavior

kissed dachshund dog froze

After waiting for a while, it became clear what the dog was really looking for. He was just waiting for another tender gesture. When he realized that there was no point in relying on humans to take the next step, the dog decided to take the initiative.

kissed dachshund dog froze

The dachshund tenderly hugs its owner, demanding attention and closeness. In this short but very moving recording, you can see that these two have a unique bond.

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