Kitten Appears At Woman’s Window And Decides To Stay Until She’s Adopted

kitten appears window woman decides to stay

A small calico kitten about 6 weeks old was walking alone in a neighborhood when she stopped on the porch of a house, where she rested for a long time until a resident of the house noticed her presence and decides to intervene.

The kitten put its paws on the railing, indicating that it wanted to enter. Worried for his safety, the kind-hearted person contacted Detroit Community Cat Rescue in hopes of finding help for the sweet feline.

Detroit Community Cat Rescue, told Love Meow:

“The caller told us she was the only kitten around and was afraid of getting hit by a car. We were there in less than an hour.”

Kitten appears in woman’s window and stays until adopted

kitten appears window woman decides to stay

The rescue center added:

“The kitten was smaller than expected. We decided to take her. All the neighbors thanked us for taking her.”

Already in the care of the shelter, the little kitten was given the name Nuggie because of her size and fluffy fur. Jennifer, a volunteer at the shelter, took over the care of the feline and brought her home.

Nuggie quickly adapted to her new indoor lifestyle and quickly began to thrive, become strong and determined.

kitten appears window woman decides to stay

She felt more comfortable in her new surroundings, enjoyed the cat tree and scratching post, loved the snacks, and learned to use the litter box with ease each day.

Nuggie was relieved to have people to care for her as she recovered from upper respiratory illness. He received treatment to control the infection and took it in stride, thanks to the extra care.

kitten appears window woman decides to stay

The adorable calico didn’t stop socializing with humans and other felines at home once she recovered from her health issues. He likes to fight and defend himself, but prefers to be pampered and taken care of.

Soon she met another kitten named Rosebud and it was clear she fell in love at first sight. She couldn’t wait to give her new best friend lots of loving hugs and tongue baths.

kitten appears window woman decides to stay

Soon, little Nuggie will be able to leave her foster home and seek a family she can live with forever. Where the charming feline will surely continue to experience all the good things in life.

Images: Instagram / detroitcatrescue

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