Kitten With Bent Legs Learns To Walk With Support From Mother Cat

kitten bent paws learns walk mother cat

Sweet kitten with bent front legs finally learns to walk with help from mom and caregiver.

Animals always teach us that despite all the difficulties, we must face life with enough courage to move forward, as evidenced by a little kitten with bent legs, who learned to walk with the help of his mother.

A tabby cat gave birth to a litter of five kittens while at a California state animal shelter. Unfortunately, one kitten in the litter, named Dove, was born with her front legs facing inward, a problem that reportedly prevents her from moving around easily.

The kittens and their feline mother were then transferred to Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals, where a foster family awaited them.

Kitten with bent legs finally learns to walk

Kitten paws folded and breast

Angela, the adoptive mother, told Love Meow:

Mom Calliope and her kittens had to be taken to Oregon and then they came to my house.

calliope and kittens

Dove was the smallest of all the babies and her crooked legs prevented her from pushing her siblings away when feeding. So, Angela made sure that Dove spent a lot of time alone with her mother, so she could feed herself freely.

little dove

With the new feeding system put in place by Angela, Dove started gaining weight and gaining a lot of energy, she was making good progress.

As the sweet kitty got better every day, they also supported her progress with physical therapy and various stretching exercises to improve her mobility.

lovely dove

Angela commented:

I would apply heat and gently massage and stretch her front legs.

Dove has always been very caring; usually, every time she finished a stretching session, she snuggled into Angela’s hands.

dove walking

The sweet feline is determined to do everything her siblings do, and as soon as they started exploring their surroundings, she insisted on following them. Although she was slower than all of her siblings, nothing seemed to stop her and she managed to chase them wherever they explored.

dove progressing

Dove moved slowly using her front paws, but her mother Calliope always encouraged her with her adorable high-pitched sounds to keep her going. Calliope is a very loving and overprotective mother, so much so that when separated from her babies, she cries to be brought back to them.

calliope with kittens

If she does something like eat and her kittens call her, she will stop whatever the food is and see what happens.

Angela added:

She always makes sure her kittens are well, clean, happy and fed.

kitten legs folded walking

After several days of exercise, regular physical therapy and lots of love from her caretakers and her feline mother, Dove seems to be improving her movements. His front legs seem to be straighter and he is now able to walk, run, jump and play like any other kitten and doesn’t feel helpless.

Angela said:

It might look a little different and that’s great! She’s a happy girl and enjoying life to the fullest.

calliope and dove

Although it took Dove a bit longer to learn to walk. Thanks to the exercises, his muscles got stronger and now he loves chasing toys. Calliope always watches over Dove, and whenever she’s finished practicing, she wraps her arms around him and gives him a full bath.

Sweet Dove

Without a doubt, Dove is an example of a determined and fighting kitten, who will never be ready to give up when faced with an obstacle.

Images: Instagram / Fosteringlove.Pdx


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