The Kitten Has Captivated Hearts With Its Personality And Becomes A Beautiful Fluffy Cat

kitten captivated hearts beautiful personality

Laura Malone, director of Mini Cat Town, a cat rescue center in San José, California (USA), was contacted to help three kittens who needed a temporary home. The cats named: Lilo, Stitch and Nani, were only a few weeks old when they arrived at the rescue center. Their weight was low, they also had an upper respiratory infection and needed love and attention.

Lilo, the smallest of the kittens, was a girl with great willpower and a heart captivated by her strength and her will to live despite her size. The kittens were placed in an incubator to assist them, while Laura fed and cared for them around the clock without rest.

Laura told Love Meow:

They were named after characters from my favorite Disney movie.

Kitten captivated hearts with her charming personality

Adorable rescued kittens

Lilo’s siblings were thriving quickly and putting on a lot of weight. For his part, the little feline had a few stumbles in his development, but he did his best and received his food by means of a syringe. The days were changeable, but Laura knew that as soon as she got through it all, she would catch up and develop in no time.

Nani, his sister, was always there to encourage him, and Stitch was very active, leading and always showing his sisters how to have fun. Thanks to the care of the foster family, Lilo started to eat a little more and soon his energy started to skyrocket.

Beautiful rescued kittens

Lilo was the cutest feline in the bunch and loved to take long naps with her dad whenever she got the chance. The kitten crawled up to her chest and from there surveyed the entire room while snuggling up comfortably to rest.

Laura says:

He happily ate all his food and played a lot with his brothers. She was also conscious and interested in playing with small toys.

Little kitten captivates hearts

Lilo’s health improved noticeably and now she was constantly on the move, recognizing the place; play and do little nonsense in the room with his brothers. But surely nothing has given her more happiness than to be rocked and pampered by her loving host family.

kitten with her personality captivates hearts

Laura remembers:

While Stitch was playful and Nani mischievous, Lilo was soft and cuddly. She loved playing with her siblings and could stand up on her own, but she also loved to cuddle.

Beautiful baby kitten

Once Laura entered the room, the daring kitten showered her with hugs and kisses, seeking attention and being pampered. The family celebrated every kitten achievement, and every time Lilo got better, it was every holiday and she was showered with care.

Nani, for her part, became a kitten on her knees and sometimes spent time with Lilo playing and napping.

Adorable kittens

When the kittens were ready to find their final home, one family fell in love with the sisters and decided to adopt them both. new house.

Her little brother Stitch has also found his perfect home and is very happy with his new and loving family.

Fluffy kittens

Over time, Lilo has grown into a gorgeous teenage cat with an incredible fluffy tail. The sisters always like to stay together in their new home.

Lilo has completely let her personality slip away and she’s not afraid to show her feline demeanor on the surface.

kitten with her charming personality captivates hearts

Kitten captivated hearts with her charming personality

Laura finally said:

They will surely be missed, but with every goodbye there is an opportunity to say hello. There will always be another kitten waiting to be loved and healed.

You can find out about the cases they are dealing with at the rescue center by visiting their account on Instagram and Facebook.

Images: Facebook / Foster Kitty Family

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