Kitten Takes Care Of His Only Sibling After Being Found Just In Time

kitten cares only brother found time

A rescued kitten takes care of her sibling and they are inseparable, after the two had a rough start to their lives.

After going through a rocky start to life, left to fend for themselves and without a mother to care for them, a kitten takes care of her sibling wherever he goes after a rescue group helps them in time.

At the beginning of October, some people found two orphan kittens and decided to take them to a veterinary clinic for an examination. They were only six days old, so they needed a full-time career to bottle-feed them around the clock.

Cass, a co-founder of Foster Kittens Of Melbourne, heard about the kittens and learned that another rescue center had picked them up to ensure their safety.

Kitten takes care of her brother after being rescued

Kitten take care brother

Cass told Love Meow:

I specialize in newborn kittens and was able to provide them with the care they needed around the clock.

So, the shelter decided to send the kittens to Cass’ foster home, and she welcomed them with open arms and cared for them.

river feeding

Within minutes, the woman realized that the two orphaned kittens shared a very special bond and were very close. Although River the tabby kitten is taller than his brother Rain, they both refuse to be comfortable if they are not together.

As Cass fed one of the kittens, the other cried from the carrier and began looking for her sibling.

Lovely Rain

Cas added:

As soon as they’re together again, they spin together ‘kneading’ in the air and purring as they cuddle together.

When the kittens arrived, River still had her eyes closed, but Rain was already showing some of the beautiful color in her adorable eyes. They were both very happy that someone was taking care of all their needs, and the tabby cat let it be known with his big voice.

Kitten take care cat brother

Although still small, as expected, River took on the role of older brother and began taking care of his brother wherever he went. Whenever Rain needed a hug, River was there to comfort her and they showed the very special bond they shared every day.

Rain is the youngest, so he’s very dependent on his brother, so when they’re ready to be adopted, they’ll probably go into foster care together.

kittens thriving

Cass said:

River is Rain’s protective older brother who always watches over him, while Rain is the younger brother who follows his every move.

The woman has been able to see how the two orphan brothers grow, learn, evolve and play together, she is delighted with their progress. River is very energetic and rubs off on his brother, they usually do everything together and can rarely be found exploring alone.


The two kittens adore each other, and since arriving in their foster home, they are thriving satisfactorily and are almost ready to explore outside of their nest.

Cass commented:

With each new day that comes, they learn new things, take on new challenges and grow stronger, healthier and closer to home forever together.

Kitten takes care of feline brother

There’s no doubt that both kittens were rescued in time, but with the help of their caretakers, they now have a bright future.

Images: Instagram / kitten.fosters


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