Kitten Clings To Family Cat And Follows It Everywhere, Getting Adopted Along The Way

kitten clings family cat follows it everywhere
Waffles and Stevie / JamieMyers

Stevie is a ginger cat who was rescued from the street at the last moment. When he was found, he was suffering from serious eye problems. He contacted specialists in veterinary medicine. Unfortunately, it turned out that both eyeballs had to be removed. It was too late for treatment. However, despite a difficult start, the dog learned to enjoy life 110%. All thanks to a friend he met after an operation when he was a blind cat.

She found a kitten in critical condition. She immediately took them to specialists

Jamie found a ginger kitten in the street who was in terrible condition. The animal’s eyeballs literally popped out of their sockets. The terrified woman immediately took the small child to a local shelter. In turn, the employees referred the animal to a veterinary clinic.

It turned out that the kitten had a chance of surviving. The condition is amputation of both eyeballs. The operation took place without any complications and the red dog recovered surprisingly quickly.

kitten clings family cat follows it everywhere
Waffles and Stevie / JamieMyers

The woman who took him off the streets decided to give him a permanent home. She already had several cats at home, so she decided that caring for a disabled dog wouldn’t be beyond her control. She named her new protégé Stevie.

She didn’t expect the kitten to be able to function normally. She prepared herself for the fact that she would have to help him with many activities for the rest of his life. It quickly became clear how wrong she was.

She thought taking care of a blind cat would be a difficult task

The first days after surgery, Stevie needed help eating. Jamie fed him every few hours with a special syringe. However, when the wounds began to heal, the dog began to experiment. He started trying to eat on his own. He was getting better every day.

Stevie wasn’t going to sit idly by. He acted like being blind was no problem. Little by little, he begins to explore his new environment. He also loved getting to know the other animals he lived with. He particularly liked one.

The ginger kitten formed a unique bond with a cat named Waffels, an adult cat who is an exceptionally calm and patient animal.

A disabled cat enjoys every day. He never leaves his friend’s side

The waffles proved to be a very good guide for the blind kitten. Thanks to it, the toddler has acquired new skills which facilitate his daily functioning.

The place that scared Stevie for the first few weeks was the stairs. However, in the company of Waffels, the kitten became much braver. He started trying to go down and up the stairs on his own. He was persistent. He trained every day, until one day it turned out that something that was once terrifying to him was now child’s play.

Thanks to Waffels, Stevie also learned to climb on an armchair, a sofa and a scratching post. The cat became his life teacher and his best friend.

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