The Kitten Clings And Kisses The Person Who Gave Him A Chance In Life

kitten clings hugs person gave opportunity

An adorable kitten with health issues clings to the person who gave her a second chance at life and can’t stop hugging her.

One day, Jacqueline DeAmor, founder of the Friends for Life Rescue Network, received a message about a little kitten who was in desperate need of help. The woman didn’t hesitate to help, immediately driving four and a half hours to pick up the kitten and take it into her care.

The little kitten named Bonsai was unfortunately born with a cleft nose and mouth, although her palate was fine, but she was very vulnerable at her age. Also, she was smaller than the size of the palm of her hand, but Jacqueline was ready to help her thrive, despite the challenges.

The woman knew that kittens with these types of problems often had other birth defects, but she was sure she would have them checked out as well.

Kitten clings to her adoptive mother

kitty clings

Bonsai was stable for the first few days, but suddenly the situation changed when her health deteriorated and she had to be placed in intensive care.

Jacqueline told Love Meow:

We think he burped formula in his sleep and accidentally inhaled it. He ended up getting pneumonia.

Kitten clings to person

Volunteers then brought in a container of oxygen to help the kitten breathe, and she went from gasping to quickly calming down. Over the course of two hours, the kitten was breathing easier and began to hold her body much tighter.

bonsai palm

Jaqueline added:

Eventually he showed interest in connecting. We were able to stabilize her in a combination of oxygen and an incubator.

Thanks to the love and help of the volunteers, the little Bonsai recovered and, at the age of one week, everyone at the rescue center celebrated her achievement.

small bonsai

Not only was the kitten eating and growing like a true champion, but he had also discovered various interests, including hugging people.

Jacqueline commented:

She’s the cutest baby. After her meals, we cuddle a lot because it seems to help her burp when we stroke her. She loves nursing my face and holding it with her little paws.

The adorable Bonsai may be small in stature, but she’s got a pretty loud purr motor that she triggers when she’s around her humans.

bonsai thriving

As an adoptive mother, Jacqueline is still tending to Bonsai’s needs, and with each passing day, the little girl is thriving, gaining weight and a lot of energy.

The kitten has already started to use its paws and walks around its room and on its walks it kisses everyone it meets. As is often the case, bonsai trees are very curious about their surroundings and enjoy supervising their humans while they perform various household chores.

wrapped bonsai

Usually, when Bonsai isn’t wrapped in a burrito-style blanket, she cuddles up with her human or asks her people for hugs.

Bonsai has become a professional hugger and a loving creature that shares all his love. With each passing day, he grows taller and his fluffy fur grows gloriously, forming a hairstyle that he wears with great pride.

Bonsai and caretaker

Despite all the problems she had in her early days, Bonsai let nothing stop her and became a very playful cat. However, the kitten still has a long way to go and feline skills to learn before it’s ready to find a forever home.

Kitten clings to rescuer

In the meantime, she will continue to be busy hugging everyone around her, absorbing and giving the love around her.

Images: Instagram / wolfie_smiles

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