Kitten With Bear Ears And Crooked Legs Cuddles Kind Family With Her

kitten crooked paws ears bear

In early April, a little kitten with crooked front legs and bear ears arrived at the Friends for Life Rescue Network in Los Angeles, California, looking for a chance to find the best family.

Shelter founder Jacqueline DeAmor told Love Meow:

“He was born with contracted ligaments and tendons in both front wrists which caused his legs to twist.”

Mel Lamprey and her husband Zane are volunteers at the shelter, they focused on helping the sweet feline they named ‘Quill’, who loves cuddles and immediately sought affection from his adoptive parents.

The kitten has crooked paws and bear ears

kitten crooked paws ears bear

Quill began physical therapy several times a day to correct his legs.

Jaqueline said:

“His wrists are warmed with a heating pad. They are then massaged and stretched to relax the tendons and ligaments in hopes of realigning the growing bones.”

kitten crooked paws ears bear
kitten crooked paws ears bear

Quill will be receiving weekly splints to help her further with her range of motion, she is very brave with these challenges she faces and it doesn’t seem like she thinks differently.

kitten crooked paws ears bear

Mel and Zane have an older cat named Chester, they have taken care of him since his difficult beginnings, when Chester met the little one he immediately approached her and like a good older brother he keeps her clean and neat, always attentive to his needs.

Mel added:

“He walked and sat next to her like they were best friends.”

The little furball spends most of its time on Zane’s neck, it’s definitely his favorite spot. Sometimes he also likes to play and explore like any kitten.

kitten crooked paws ears bear

She’s daddy’s spoiled girl, Mel said:

“She’s goofy, curious, sweet and daddy’s girl. She’s got it wrapped around her little fingers.”

kitten crooked paws ears bear

After eating, Quill seeks out a few more cuddles and cuddles, before purring to sleep peacefully in Zane’s arms.

Images: Pumpkin Patch Pet Rescue

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