Kitten Decides To Be Raised By A Dog After Being Rescued And Becomes The Most Affectionate

kitten decides to be a raised dog becomes more affectionate

Adorable tabby kitten decides to be raised by a gentle dog after being rescued from the streets and now she’s the most spoiled.

In early September in Ontario, Canada, a tabby kitten about 4 weeks old was found and rescued. There was no sign of her mother or siblings nearby, so she was taken by good people to a local rescue center to help her out.

The feline needed special care around the clock, according to Love Meow. Upon hearing her story, Karly and Katelyn Saltarski, sisters and co-founders of Salty Animal Rescue, decided to take the kitten under their wing with open arms.

The baby girl, whom they named Martha (Marty), was immediately taken to a foster home, while volunteers continued to search for traces of the mother cat and other kittens.

A kitten decided to be raised by a dog after being rescued

Beautiful tabby kitten

Marty was fed with a syringe every few minutes. When she was finally able to leave assisted feeding, she managed to charm everyone who came near her, including her adoptive father whom she sought to hug whenever she had the chance.

rescued tabby kitten

Volunteers at the rescue center intended to introduce the kitten to a nursing cat to start socializing, but they didn’t expect the little feline to have any plans of its own in the works.

Kitten decides to be raised by a dog

When mom cat named Flay met Marty, she didn’t hesitate for a moment to greet him with her “open hands.”

Rescue Center staff said:

She fell right away trying to feed her. Surprisingly, she was more than happy to have another baby. Marty was so confused and after exploring a bit, she sat next to her adoptive father and asked him to come upstairs. I really didn’t want to have much to do with Flay or the other kitties.

adorable baby kitten

The adoptive parents hoped Marty would accept Flay’s care, so they brought her and her kittens together to meet again. Marty’s faint sounds caught the attention of Nood the resident dog, and when Marty met Nood, everything made sense to the family.

The host family added:

We think the main reason Marty isn’t so excited about interacting with Flay and her kittens is because she thinks she’s already found her foster home!

Marty liked to snuggle his body against Nood’s and rub his belly against his, Nood, for his part, was very happy to have a new kitten to care for.

Rescue center volunteers say:

Marty now considers our resident dog Nood, along with my two other dogs, his adoptive family. He immediately joined Nood. Little Marty may rather be raised by wolves than his own.

Kitten decides to be raised by a dog after being rescued

After going through a rough start, the kitten now enjoys the company of her new foster family, she loves sharing her day with Nood and, of course, the adorable pup enjoys the company.

If you want to know a little more about Marty and the work of the Salty Animal Rescue center, you can visit his pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Images: Instagram / saltyanimalrescue


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