Kitten No Longer Wanted To Live Outside And Sits In Doorway Of House Until He Is Taken Care Of

kitten did not want to live outdoors finds home

A little kitten who didn’t want to live outside once decided to sit outside the main entrance of a family home, in order to find help and have a forever home.

The homeless kitten was sitting right outside the door of the house, looking tired, as if he had come a long way to seek help. She appeared to be in poor health, as she was skin and bones and her fur was matted, but the kitten decided to wait until the owners of the house noticed her.

Family member Precious told Love Meow:

She was underweighting and had a stuffy nose. One of his eyes was almost completely closed from an infection with discharge.

Kitten no longer wanted to live on the street

Kitten did not want to be on the street

The family’s original plan was to take her in and care for her until the kitten made a full recovery, then find her a forever home.

For the first few days, the kitten named Sweetie was very weak and didn’t even have the energy to move or eat on her own.

kitten did not want

She just wanted to rest, so the little kitten settled into her human’s lap to try to catch up on all her lost sleep.

Precious commented:

I found out she had an upper respiratory infection. She was very cooperative with us when it came to caring for her.

The family decided to syringe feed little Sweetie and provided her with all the medical care she needed to thrive.

rescued kitten

While recovering from all her troubles, the kitten stayed by her humans and insisted on taking a nap on one of their laps. Soon her eyes and nose began to heal, so the kitten began to gain weight and strength, and within weeks Sweetie was completely better.

Although it took her a while to transition from milk to solid food, Sweetie got up to play and explore every corner of her home.

Sweetie exploring home

This way he met the family cat named Mickey, who was very curious to meet the new rescued kitten.

Precious added:

When he started interacting with Mickey, he picked up some of his old habits.

The former homeless cat quickly became an eating machine, and now that she’s healthy, she doesn’t seem to know when she’s completely full.

sweetie and mickey

She loves to play and creates all kinds of mischief in her house, showing all the energy she has. Sweetie brought so much happiness to each of her foster family members and a space quickly opened up in their hearts.

Precious said:

Every time she’s finished playing, she comes to sleep with me and it’s comforting.

sweetie new home

Their original plan was to keep her temporarily, but they all fell in love with her, making her an official member of the family. Now, the malnourished and homeless little kitten has grown into a beautiful panther cat, who shares a special bond with her entire family.

adoptive cat brothers

Luckily, that day she made the best decision because she not only got much needed help, but also a forever home.

Images: Instagram / sweetie.kitty

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