Kitten Found In Garden With Siblings Has Unique Fur

kitten found backyard has unique fur

In the backyard of a family home, 4 little kittens were found with no mother in sight. When the home owner saw the kittens in his yard, he approached a kitten rescue center called Orphan Kitten Club in San Diego, California (USA).

One of the kittens has a unique coat and was much smaller than her siblings. He was thin, frail, and cold to the touch; he needed help immediately, and everything indicated that time was against him. The kitten was named Denim and was quite a fighter.

Yige, the Orphan Kitten Club daycare coordinator told Love Meow:

“When I heard the kittens were only a few hours old and had no mother, I immediately drove there to pick them up. They were found outside as premature babies. and their mother left as soon as she gave birth.”

A kitten found in her garden has unique fur

kitten found backyard has unique fur

The woman cleaned the kitten’s body and tried to feed him, she was determined to save him and spent the next 24 hours by his side.

Yige says:

“I spent about 20 minutes in my car warming it up before I felt safe enough to drive home. Warmth is the most important thing for a newborn kitten.”

kitten found backyard has unique fur

Yige said:

“He was the strongest little fighter. During that first week, I stayed awake with him every night because I was afraid I would lose him if I fell asleep. There were many times when I thought he wouldn’t make it, but his body kept working miraculously.”

kitten found backyard has unique fur

After several days of tube feeding and special care, Denim began to gain weight and had more energy. With the days he had spent in the foster home, the kitten already weighed 100 grams and had left the life support system.

As Denim began to grow, they noticed that parts of his fur seemed to change color. Now her fur looked like a “Fever Coat, Manto Febrile or Fever Mantle”, this occurs when the mother has had an infection or stress during pregnancy and usually has no negative effect on the general health of the kitten.

kitten found backyard has unique fur

Referring to Denim’s fur, Yige says:

“He was not born with a fever coat. In fact, he developed it because he was extremely ill in his first week of life. Our vet suspects he had sepsis and was fed tube every 1-2 hours for the first week, plus multiple medications and supportive care.”

kitten found backyard has unique fur

During his recovery process, the uniquely furry kitten formed a very close bond with one of his brothers who encouraged him throughout his process. Whenever the little one needed a hug or support, his brother Corduroy was by his side to encourage and comfort him.

When Denim had a meltdown or got worse, her brother was always by her side.

Yige said:

“I braced myself for the worst every time Denim’s heart rate dropped. I noticed that almost every time this happened, Corduroy would reach out and push on Denny’s limp little body and his heart rate would immediately increase to new.”

kitten found backyard has unique fur

With the support of his new family and of course the encouragement he received from his brother, Denim soon managed to double in weight; his personality was cheerful and even bigger than him, he was very mischievous.

At nine weeks old, the kitten was finally big enough to start a new adventure and have your forever home.

kitten found backyard has unique fur

Yige is very proud of their whole process, she has known them since they were just newborns and seeing them now makes her very happy. The two kittens now named Lestat and Laszlo have a wonderful forever family who loves them more than everything.

They have grown a lot in the past three months and Lestat’s dark fur has fully shown. They are happy and very naughty kittens.

If you want to know more about Yige’s work, you can visit his Instagram account where he posts about rescues. You can also visit Lazlo and Leslat’s Instagram where they share photos of their new home.

Images: IG / lestatandlaszlo

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