Rescued Kitten Chooses Puppy To Be Her Family And Decided To Adopt Him

kitten found bush choose puppy family

A homeless kitten found outside a church in the middle of a bush chooses a puppy as a new family.

At home, Paula Montgomery, a volunteer who works for the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA) shelter in Arlington, Texas, received a call about a homeless kitten.

The kitten was in a bush right in front of a church, she was crying with her eyes closed, she had a lot of fleas, she was hungry and too cold. Due to her condition, the kitten was in dire need of a foster home, so Paula approached the shelter to help her.

Paula told Love Meow:

He came to my house around 10 p.m. I could smell the dirt from the fleas as soon as I touched him and took him straight into the shower.

Kitten found in bush has adoptive sibling

Kitten found bush

After a bath and several treatments, the kitten was finally able to breathe easily and snuggled up comfortably in a cozy brooder to catch up on lost sleep. The kitten named Grace was so tired that he fell asleep before his head hit the pillow and rested until the next day.

grace playing

The next day, Grace was fed every three hours, and gradually her appetite increased with each meal and her energy level began to improve.

Paula added:

The three-week-old kitten made it clear that she didn’t need petting and didn’t need the incubator.

Grace and Ralphie

Grace quickly regained her strength and became a mischievous kitten, very eager for the attention of her keepers.

Paula decided to put her in a basket with soft blankets and a heating pad so she could be close to her while she worked. While caring for Grace, Paula also had a puppy named Ralfie, who came to her home from another rescue organization.

The puppy soon heard the kitten’s meows and was very curious to meet her, but Grace also seemed to feel the same way.

adoptive brothers

Paula commented:

Later I let Grace take a little walk, Ralphie was right behind her, not getting too close. But Grace took the first step.

Even though Grace was still walking unsteadily, she ran to Ralfie like he was one of her brothers and hugged him like it was a reunion. Ralfie is much taller than Grace, but he was stroking her very gently and gently, then started washing her face with licks.

From that day on, the two became best friends and almost instantly clicked like true blood brothers.

Paula added:

From then on, there was no way to separate them. I watched them closely, but he was very nice. I have to remind Grace that puppy noses are sensitive.

The most curious thing is that Ralfie seems to understand Grace and knows what her needs are, since he is a puppy rescued from a similar situation.

Kitten found in bush

Grace is still very small, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in her attitude, usually throwing herself at Ralfie to start the game and taking small bites. But, the truth is, Ralphie is a happier pup since he’s been with Grace, and he tolerates all of his foster sister’s antics and hugs her with all his soul.

Inseparable friends

Although Grace still has a long way to go before finding a home, she seems determined to apply for Ralfie’s adoption.

After all, these little souls weren’t meant to be alone and they will surely continue to enjoy their lovely friendship for the rest of their lives.

Images: Instagram / joe_the_dog_and_others


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