Kitten Found During Incessant Heat Now Lives As A Spoiled Cat

kitten found during unrelenting heat lives spoiled cat

Lavender was found only two weeks old, in the unrelenting heat of a garden. Now she is so happy and pampered.

A 2-week-old kitten was found alone in a garden. A Good Samaritan found her in the unrelenting heat and she was taken to a shelter in Sacramento, California. She had to be bottle fed 24/7. She was as small as the size of a hand, but willful.

Haley Waugh, public information coordinator at the Front Street Animal Shelter, told Love Meow:

“The mother (cat) and the other babies are missing. She was found alone lying on her back in over 100 degrees, so they called our shelter and an officer came to pick her up.”

Kitten found in unrelenting heat in a yard

Lavender kitten

Once cleaned, and her belly full, the little kitten began to get used to her new life, but when something did not please her, she did not hesitate to show her little claws and defend herself with little blows.

angry kitten

Haley said:

“She was a bit confused by all the new people and smells, so she was whistling and sniffling the first day.”

kitten found

Because she needed to be fed all day and was a very moody cat who required constant attention, the shelter staff knew who could take care of her and accommodate her.

When one of her colleagues approached and held her in front of her. Haley knew immediately that she would take her home to welcome her.


The woman placed the kitten in the front pocket of her overalls, and she seemed to like it. Despite her whistles on the first day, the next morning the little girl received food and affection and was very happy.

The kitten, whom Haley named Lavender, is very happy to be the most pampered in the house. Haley even drives her to work and keeps her close, to make sure she feels loved.

Lavender in pocket

Haley said:

“Now, when she hears my voice, she sits up and swings towards me. She fluffs up all her fur and grabs her bottle excitedly. “

Lavender becomes more and more sweet and loving. Haley is very happy to have welcomed the kitten, who fills her with joy as she wakes up crying for food and falls asleep purring.

Now Lavender is a confident cat, who has started to be curious about her surroundings, paying close attention to what Haley is doing.

Very soon, she will be a fluffy gray cat, old enough to find her forever family. Until that happens, Lavender will continue to get her daily dose of love from Haley and enjoy being the most pampered.

You can follow Lavender’s updates on Instagram.

Images: Instagram / fosterpetsofsac

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