Kitten Found In Field Cuddles Young Man And Insists On Staying With Him

kitten found field cuddles young man

Malia, who lives in New York City, USA, was at Co-Op City Field in the Bronx to watch a baseball game her son was playing. She listened to a group of elated people who had found a litter of kittens in the field.

The kittens were in poor condition, dirty and quite skinny, they needed urgent help. Malia handed them over to a rescuer named Sunny so she could save them.

Sunny told Love Meow:

She and her husband quickly took me to the little ones. My son (CJ Sung) and I took them, bathed them, and gave them all the bottles.

Rescued kitten cuddles young man and won’t let him go

Little kitten

The kittens appeared to be around 3 weeks old and still needed 24-hour care. They gained some strength from day one and quickly one of them started to stand out.

The chimera-looking little girl was very attached to Sunny’s youngest son and clung to the young man.

She was really attached to the boy and she didn’t like the feeling that they were pulling her from her knees, she was holding onto him tightly.

Suny says:

Chimera automatically picked up CJ and hissed at me and my oldest son, even though I was carrying the bottle.

Little kitten 1

The little kittens were passing through and as soon as they were well they would find them a home, but CJ fell completely in love with the little girl from the first moment and asked her mother to adopt her.

Sunni added:

I like. It’s my kitten. He fell in love with her and begged me to stay with her. He called her Chimera.

Kitten found in the field

Once the kittens were retrieved, they were quite active and playful. Chimera loved these games, but she was always running in search of hugs and care from her favorite person, she seemed the patron of feline antics and was always in trouble; only next to CJ he seemed calm.

The kitten hugs human

Over the weeks the cats were fully recovered, happy and playful. Chimera really felt very comfortable.

Sunny adds:

She’s a troublemaker and likes to go places she shouldn’t. He’s very smart and knows where to turn when he’s in trouble.

Adorable kitten

Chimera is quite mischievous, but she gets along very well with other animals and people around the house, and it’s amazing how her personality changes next to CJ; She is calm and very affectionate with him.

Sunny says:

After the kittens came of age, Chimera’s siblings were adopted and she stayed here with us.

Beautiful chimera cat

The naughty Chimera runs around doing stupid things, she is really very active and restless, but as soon as she sees her favorite human she calms down completely. The boy’s mother says that next to him he really is a little angel and that he just wants to snuggle up as close as possible.

chimera cat

Chimera is already an adult cat and likes to wag her beautiful fluffy tail with pride; his personality is as hectic as on day one and his antics still make everyone at home laugh.

Adorable cat

She’s a dominant cat and she always loves something, she has so much energy, but from day one with CJ Chimera has grown into a really sweet and loving person, and hugs are the order of the day. .

Sunny added:

He is her best friend. She definitely chose him

Rescued kitten

If you want to know a little more about Chimera and her family, you can visit her account on Instagram and enjoy her antics.

Images: Instagram – iamchimera407

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