Unique Furry Kitten Found On The Sidewalk Is Taken In By A Family Of Cats

kitten found sidewalk has unique fur

Janie is an adorable kitten who was found abandoned on a highway in Ontario, Canada. Besides being very cute, the little girl is distinguished by quite peculiar fur, and people were shocked by her unique color, which makes her look like a baby raccoon.

When Janie was found, she weighed only 82 grams, but she had been able to survive thanks to her will. She was immediately taken to Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue, a local rescue center tasked with helping all homeless kittens.

Adorable kitten found on the sidewalk

Adorable kitten found weak

Melissa, the founder of the rescue center, took in the little kitten to provide the necessary care and help him cope with his problems.

Adorable kitten found baby

Melissa told Bored Panda:

“Janie was found alone on a sidewalk. People who found her told me that she was crying for her life. They left her in direct sunlight, which caused very serious burns to her hind legs. She was about 24 hours old when I rescued her.”

Adorable kitten found sleeping

The woman had a special plan for Janie, leaving her in the incubator for two weeks and bottle-feeding her until she was healthy.

After performing some tests, it was discovered that the color of her coat is known as “Fever Coat, Fever Mantle or Fever Mantle”, this happens when the mother has had an infection or stress during pregnancy and generally does not have a negative effect on the health of the kitten.

Adorable kitten found fed

So there is nothing to worry about as it is not dangerous for Janie. Although he is likely to lose this particular color as he grows up. Now what was really important was finding an adoptive mother for Janie, and luckily the rescue center had the perfect volunteer.

Adorable kitten found

A few days before Janie’s arrival, Melissa had taken in a pregnant cat who gave birth a few weeks later. So, the woman realized that the perfect plan was to introduce Janie to the mother cat, but when it was deemed appropriate.

Adorable kitten

After about three days of round-the-clock care, the little girl has managed to reach 100 grams of weight, a great step forward. Over the next few days Janie continued to grow taller and gain weight, the patches of her silvery fur began to darken giving a distinctive tint.

Janie thriving

Melissa told Love Meow:

“She was constantly purring and rolling for a tummy rub.”

Whenever the kitten meowed, she drew the attention of Mum June, who was looking out the window as Melissa fed the baby.

Adorable incubator kitten

Melissa commented:

“She wanted this baby more and more because she was crying in the incubator.”

At the age of two weeks, the little girl was ready to meet her new adoptive mother; something that everyone has been waiting for. As soon as mum June heard her screams, she immediately ran up to her and started cleaning the baby from head to toe.

Janie's foster mom

As soon as Mom June heard her squeals, she immediately ran over to her and began cleaning the baby from head to toe.

Janie and Jasmine

Melissa commented:

“June accepted Janie as hers as soon as I could introduce them. June had to lick and clean her for a good 10 minutes, then she cuddled up to everyone while June was breastfeeding the babies. It was a very sweet moment.”

Jasmine and Janie

Janie doesn’t feed on her mom because all she knows is bottle feeding, but she loves to hug her and her brothers. Although she gets along well with all of her siblings; one in particular loved her little sister, Jasmine, the most independent of the litter.

Janie playing

She was so intrigued by Janie that even though the other kittens were messing around, she still wanted to be by her sister’s side. When the kitten opened her eyes, she began to walk, wanting to join the rampage with her foster siblings and be able to explore the whole place.

Janie adorable

Janie is about two weeks younger than her siblings, but what she lacks in size she makes up for with her pleasant demeanor and beautiful coat.

Adorable Janie

She begins to explore her house, she has also learned to use the litter box on her own, and tries to do everything like other kittens.

Janie learning to eat

Janie learns to eat by watching her mother June, she is eight weeks old and thrives in foster care.

Janie and her family

Melissa said:

“She is reaching the age where she can keep up with other kittens. When she can’t find me or her siblings, she just cries.”

Janie exploring

After a difficult start in her life, this beautiful ball of hair is growing by leaps and bounds and will surely have the life she deserves.

Images: Instagram / tinybutmightykittenrescue

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