Kitten Found in A Backyard Shows Her Fighting Spirit and Is Determined to Thrive

kitten found yard shows fighting spirit

A person discovered a newborn kitten in his front yard in Las Vegas, USA, unfortunately a few feet away he was reunited with his brothers who unfortunately did not survive. There was no sign of the mother cat anywhere and the kitten was in urgent need of care.

Nikki Martinez, who is a TNR (catch-neuter-return) rescuer and protector, immediately decided to take over the care of the little girl. She and her husband have rescued many cats from difficult abandonment situations over the past decade.

At the time they received the feline, Nikki’s husband was going through a tough time due to a cancer diagnosis, but despite everything, they wanted to help the little furry ball move forward.

Kitten found in yard shows great fighting spirit

Beatiful Kitty

Nikki told Love Meow:

She was small and fragile and we didn’t know what the future held for her, but we were determined to give her a fighting chance.

The little kitten was called Rocky, she was a girl and very brave of course. He survived his first night; was placed in an incubator to provide the necessary heat.

The couple worked together to ensure the kitten was fed throughout the day. Nikki fed her every two hours at night, and soon Rocky developed a big appetite and was getting strong.

Kitten found in a backyard shows his fighting spirit

The woman’s husband, nicknamed Foster Papi, helped bottle-feed the feline whenever possible, and Rocky always thanked him with a smile on his face.

As the days went by, the kitten finally left its nest and settled in a mini playpen, where it could run around and be much more comfortable. She was fascinated by all the new toys and wanted to take them all, even though she still couldn’t fully stand, she was a fighter.

beautiful baby kitten

She was a spoiled little girl and she demanded to be fed all day long. He didn’t let his adoptive mother rest and was her biggest supporter when Foster Papi underwent life-saving surgery.

Kitten and her human

As soon as Foster Papi was released from the clinic, he made an effort to take over some foster duties. He immediately approached Rocky with a bottle of milk and she happily followed.

It was a big moment. These two fighters supported each other and were happy to be together back then.

rescued kitten

Rocky has become an independent kitten; She was curious and mischievous, she liked to run around her house and do all kinds of mischief. The feline loves playing with Foster Papi, running after his feet or running after him everywhere; He just likes to be by her side to give her purrs and a few massages.

Nikki assures:

She is very different from any bottle-fed baby I have ever had. He is extremely independent. She was the sole survivor of his litter. He is beautiful and has truly been a gift to my husband and I as we were navigating through his cancer diagnosis and treatment.

adorable white kitten

After a while, he found the right house to live in forever, and Rocky made his dream come true. Now the kitten will have its own family and lots of love.

adopted kitten

Nikki added:

TNR and parenthood are our passion. Being able to take care of kittens in need has been our joy for 10 years. For every day that we are healthy and strong, we will continue this work.

beautiful fluffy kitten

You can visit the Nikki Rescue Center Facebook and Instagram accounts and learn a bit more about the cases they constantly receive.

Images: Facebook / Nikki Martinez myfosterkittens

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