Kitten Has Been Going Everywhere With Her Teddy Bear Since She Was Found Alone Outside

Kitten goes everywhere with teddy bear

One morning last month, a kind-hearted lady who lives in countryside Indiana had a big surprise in her barn. While doing some household chores on the farm, she heard an animal screaming in the barn, followed the noise and ran into a small feline.

It was a small kitten, about 10 days old, lying alone on the ground; very scared and very cold.

The woman quickly picked up some straw and put it around the kitten to try and keep it warm and protected from the elements.

Kitten is going everywhere with her teddy

Kitten goes everywhere with teddy bear

After waiting several hours for the mother to possibly return, no trace of her or other kittens could be seen nearby. So at that point, she decided to do something for the little girl, and even more so because the kitten’s temperature had started to drop noticeably.

Kitten goes everywhere with teddy bear

The woman quickly brought the kitten home and tried to feed it as best she could, but the little girl struggled to eat. Knowing that this was a task for a specialist, he contacted the local animal rescue center, Catsnip Etc, for help.

Kitten goes everywhere with teddy bear

Missy McNeal, a volunteer with Catsnip Etc, told Love Meow:

“When we went to pick up the kitten, she was hungry, a little dehydrated and covered in fleas.”

With the help of an experienced volunteer at the shelter, she received the right food so that the little girl, whom they called “Cricket”, could regain energy. Cricket immediately grabbed the bottle and took all of the food, then the chips were taken out and she looked very energetic and happy.

Kitten goes everywhere with teddy bear

That night, the little girl fell asleep in her comfortable heated bed, in the company of a brown teddy bear, which served as a coat. After a few days of 24 hour specialist care, Cricket was recovering satisfactorily, eating and gaining weight like a champ.

From day one at the rescue center, the little feline needed a lot of attention and openly demonstrated what she wanted at the time.

Kitten goes everywhere with teddy bear

Sweet Cricket insisted on having a friend by his side, 24/7; his teddy bear. When her adoptive mother isn’t around, all she wants is to be near her favorite toy.

Missy said:

“She loves her teddy bear. She has been with her since the day she was rescued, and she accompanies her everywhere. Her teddy bear is her cuddly sleeping companion and makes her feel more secure.”

Kitten goes everywhere with teddy bear

The teddy bear has become Cricket’s best friend, he hugs him whenever he needs a caress or his mother is away. When the little girl was ready for her shots, she didn’t go to the vet without the company of her best friend.

Cricket kept his teddy bear throughout the visit which gave him a lot of security and made his experience there a lot easier.

Kitten goes everywhere with teddy bear

Missy added:

“She is super sweet and affectionate. She loves to hug her adoptive mother when she is tired and play with her when she is awake. All he wants is to be with his people.”

Even when she is dating or spending time with her human friends, she insists on sharing every cuddly night with her beloved teddy bear. The little girl is growing up and entering the stage where her personality emerges and her energy level increases every day.

Kitten goes everywhere with teddy bear

Missy added:

“She’s definitely becoming more outgoing and loves to run and play. She discovered how much fun toys can be.”

After being rescued as a baby, Cricket grew into an energetic little panther, but some things haven’t changed.

Kitten goes everywhere with teddy bear

Cricket and her teddy bear are inseparable, and when she’s ready to be adopted, her future family will be honored to take them both.

Images: Facebook / Catsnip Etc

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