Moving: A Little Kitten Keeps Company With A Dog Who Was Afraid At The Vet

kitten keeps company dog scared vet

The friendship between a kitten named Ginger and a dog named Anne touched the hearts of vets and staff at Greenside Animal Hospital in South Africa, who witnessed the kitten’s incredible moment of compassion for the rescued dog, which was nervous.

It all started when a kind-hearted person found the kitten in a storm drain and took her to the veterinary clinic for medical attention. Clinic workers took care of the kitten, then put her in a room to recover and feel comfortable.

A few days later, a very weakened dog from fleas and ticks came to the clinic for medical treatment.

The kitten keeps a frightened dog company

kitten keeps company dog scared vet

Since her health was not very good, they decided to put her in the same room as the kitten, but in different cages.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, the adorable Ginger disappeared from her cage and all the workers thought something had happened to her. But everyone was shocked when they found Ginger in the other cage, snuggling up to her new canine friend.

kitten keeps company dog scared vet

No one understood the reason for her behavior, but everything seems to indicate that the kitten sensed that the dog was very scared and wanted to comfort her.

After finding Ginger, workers returned her to her cage, where she had her litter, food and water. However, the kitten escaped again and walked to where her new best friend was to protect and care for her.

kitten keeps company dog scared vet

Dr. Suzette Greube said, according to Amomeupet:

“They love to cuddle and even eat together. They have toys, but the kitten’s favorite hobby is chasing Anne’s tail.”

Without a doubt, this couple of friends have created a very special relationship and, despite their difficulties, they always keep each other company to support each other.

Although the kitten is a little shy, he has always been affectionate with everyone around her, while the dog prefers to be alone with him.

kitten keeps company dog scared vet

With Ginger’s help, Anne gradually overcomes her fears and begins to trust the clinic staff more.

The Dr added:

“She’s still a little wary of the workers when they come into the isolation room, until she sees us bringing in food, so she’s happy to come out of her shell and interact.”

kitten keeps company dog scared vet

The veterinary hospital did not hesitate to share the beautiful story of friendship between Ginger and Anne, and it quickly went viral on the internet.

As expected, people were enchanted by the adorable story, but most of all, by the friendship that the kitten and the dog forged.

Images: Facebook / Greenside Animal Hospital

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